The Hungarian President will avoid falling into the trap of

The Hungarian President will avoid falling into the trap of the Ukrainian conflict

We will not get caught up in a bloody war and we want an end to hostilities and peace talks in Ukraine, said the Hungarian leader.

Hungary refuses to be pressured by other states and is not prepared to change its position on the conflict in Ukraine, where on February 24 last year Russia launched a military operation to demilitarize and denazify the neighboring country.

The voices urging us to get onto the “right side of history” will in no way lead us into their trap, because we must always remain on the side of Hungarian history, even under the most difficult conditions, on which Top condition considered.

After the confrontation in Ukraine began, Hungary supported that country’s territorial integrity and condemned Russia’s actions.

However, Budapest opposed arms sales to the former Soviet republic and opposed the imposition of European Union sanctions on Moscow, believing that doing so would do nothing to end the conflict and only cause more damage to the European economy.

Such a position is considered here as a key reason for the refusal of the Brussels authorities to grant this Central European state part of the compensation funds allocated for the Covid-19 pandemic, despite formally claiming reasons related to Hungarian corruption.