The international community supports the Cuban resolution against the blockade


Havana, 2 November (ACN) The ending of the blockade against Cuba under the current conditions is an act of respect for the principles of solidarity and respect for the founding principles of the United Nations Charter, he assured today from the headquarters of this international organization of representatives of Azerbaijan in the name of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Among the debates started today on the resolution calling for an end to economic repression, the diplomat called them archaic and did not say that they do not belong to our time.

He strongly denounced the harassment of the Caribbean State’s financial activities in third countries, which has a chilling effect.

In his speech, the representative of the Eurasian country pointed out that the case of Cuba is precisely a clear example of the negative impact of the use of unilateral coercive measures on the well-being of peoples and their high human cost.

For his part, the representative of Venezuela believed that, despite the considerable damage, the sanctions will never achieve their goal of influencing the fate of socialist and sovereign Cuba.

He noted that for this reason it is used as a mechanism of collective punishment, based on the systematic and willful suffering of an entire people and on the logic of neocolonial domination.

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Venezuela was forced to take part in the vote precisely because of the hostile actions imposed on the Bolivarian fatherland, which is why we ask for the resolute support of the international community and that the outcry of the vast majority of the planet be heard, he concluded.

The Russian Federation echoed this assertion with the voice of its diplomat, who pointed to the condition of the blockade as an illegitimate method of economic terrorism on a global scale.

He specified that it was a flagrant violation of international law that had lasted for more than six decades and that had not aroused the resistance of the Cuban people to defend their sovereignty and self-determination.

The vote on the Cuban document will also take place as part of the debate, which will continue until Thursday morning.

Antillean nation authorities have denounced that the United States government has continued to ignore this call and has intensified the siege to unprecedented levels, as a policy of economic suffocation to willfully bring about the country’s collapse.

According to official figures, the impact of this policy reached six thousand 364 million dollars in the first 14 months of Joseph Biden’s administration.

The US blockade was surgically planned, targeting each of Cuba’s main sources of income and viciously trying to amplify the impact on the people’s daily lives, the Cuban Foreign Minister recently stated Bruno Rodriguez Grill.