The Jets fight schedule has some hidden benefits NBC

The Jets’ fight schedule has some hidden benefits – NBC Sports

Long before the Jets received their 2023 game plan, it was known that they would be running the gauntlet this year. On Thursday it became clear that the season was going to present some major challenges early on.

In their first six games, the Jets will face the Bills, Cowboys, Chiefs and Eagles.

As’s Rich Cimini noted, the Jets have “the second best schedule” when it comes to rest before games. They have a plus-12 rest differential compared to their opponents. According to Cimini, it’s the best rest differential since 2002.

For new quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay’s break differential in 2022 was minus 13, the worst in the league.

Cimini also points out that the Jets don’t play games against teams that are past their byes, which is definitely an advantage. It’s always harder to face a team that’s had two weeks to prepare for you when you’ve only had a week to prepare for the team.

It doesn’t change the fact that the Jets have a meat grinder schedule and the teams that aren’t meat grinder will be extra motivated to beat the Jets given all the attention they’re getting. But it comes as a bit of a shock to a team that will have a bumpy road in 2023.

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