1706521701 The judge extends the investigation into the Russian Proces plot

The judge extends the investigation into the Russian “Procés” plot by six months

The judge extends the investigation into the Russian Proces plot

The judge of the Investigative Court 1, Joaquín Aguirre, has extended by six months the investigation into the Russian conspiracy of the trial, which involves, among others, the former head of the international relations department at CDC Víctor Terradellas; to Carles Puigdemont's office manager, Josep Lluís Alay, and to the computer scientist Jaume Cabaní.

In the order, the judge explains that the extension will begin from the end of the current period, on February 27, and will be extended for another six months. Furthermore, he has also detailed that the guidance of this part needs to be expanded as “this is the part from which the other separate parts of the so-called Operation Voloh are derived, in the event that it becomes necessary to carry out further joint testing procedures .” the other pieces and until these don’t end.”

After reviewing the case documentation, the judge assures that he found “data that would identify persons and confirm the close personal relationships between some of the respondents and persons of Russian, German or Italian citizenship,” some of whom held diplomatic posts during their detention and they had relationships to the Russian secret services.

According to the judge, the interest of those examined was to establish connections of “political and economic influence to destabilize democracy and the European Union, the consequences of which could be the withdrawal of Spain from the EU due to Catalonia's unilateral independence from the Russian government.”

Aguirre believes there is still a lot of documentation to be reviewed and his intention is to deepen relations with Russian citizens, including a former diplomat who met with Puigdemont at the Casa dels Canonges in Barcelona just days before the unilateral declaration of independence. on October 27, 2017. The document also details conversations between Terradellas and David Madí, a former CDC official, and other meetings of the former leader of Junts and Puigdemont's confidante Elsa Artadi at the Hotel Colón in Barcelona.

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