The judge in the Esther Lopez case in Traspinedo

The judge in the “Esther López case” in Traspinedo extends the investigation by six months

The Esther López case is extended again. The head of the Valladolid Instructional Court 5 has extended the investigation into the death of 35-year-old Esther López in January 2022 in Traspinedo (Valladolid, 1,200 inhabitants) for another six months. The judge made this decision, expected by the parties, as they had explained in recent weeks, in order to allow both the allegations and the defense of the main defendant to have a new trial and present arguments to clarify the facts. The expansion of the investigation comes less than a month after the judge temporarily released 40-year-old suspect Óscar S., the main suspect in the incidents, without bail.

In an order addressed to the parties and then to the media, the judge considered that it was appropriate to extend the investigation period as “the investigative procedures still need to be carried out”. [por]that, although they had already been agreed, they could lead to the need for new procedures which could decide on the criminal nature of the matter.

In this way, the original deadline for resolving the case of Esther López, whose body appeared in a ditch after a night of partying, will be extended once again, as had already happened on June 9, 2023, because the judge had not yet done so received some documents from those responsible for the investigation.

On December 15, Óscar S. testified again before the person in charge of the case, after obtaining and analyzing the reports of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Guardia Civil, author of studies on the events of the early morning of December 13 had . February in Traspinedo (Valladolid). According to these meticulous works, the fatal outcome of the events is due to the fact that she was voluntarily run over and hit with the car by her friend. To clarify this theory, the phone signals from the man's and woman's devices were examined, which coincided during most parts of the night and also near the alleged perpetrator's home, where everything is believed to have happened.

The December appearance was not intended to provide new information about the case. The prosecutor and the López family defense insisted on dismantling Óscar's excuses after incriminating him thanks to the telephone connections, but he insisted on his innocence and that he left Esther López on a street that night and never heard from again you heard. The judge decided on December 15 to release the man provisionally, with an obligation to sign every week in a Guardia Civil barracks and a ban on traveling abroad. The defense lawyers asked for an unconditional prison sentence for the man from Valladolid, while the prosecutor asked for an escape without bail. However, the judge was clear that paying a certain amount to grant the individual freedom did not mean a reduction in the risk of flight, but this was not taken into account since the beginning of the proceedings, even without a trial.

Investigative sources indicate that extending the deadline to incorporate new procedures or resources could allow the allegations against Óscar S. to be clarified, against whom they have strong suspicions based on the clear results of telephone geolocation.

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