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The Kremlin dampens Kadyrov’s fire on nuclear weapons: “Emotional request from him. At Nord Stream, the West is hysterical” Open

«The use of nuclear weapons by the Russia This is possible because it corresponds to his doctrine of deterrence,” said the spokesman for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov quoted by leading Russian agencies. Moscow, however, dismissed Chechen leader Kadyrov’s request for use as “emotional.” Low power nuclear weapons. Peskov then commented on the other hot issues of the conflict: i gas flows and the possible accession ofUkraine to NATO. “It is not clear to us who to work with to restore Nord Stream’s flow because the West is hysterical on this matter,” the spokesman said, referring to the current pipeline shutdown caused by the explosion of some pipes in the was caused in the middle of the Baltic Sea, which the entire international community regards as deliberate sabotage. For Russia it would have been Ukraine or that United Statesfor the West, Russia itself, to expand further delivery time gas to Europe. As for the formal request for NATO membership made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy last Friday after the annexation of the army-held territories to Russia To fly, the Kremlin «is watching this decision very closely. We remind that Ukraine’s orientation towards NATO and confirmation of its future accession to NATO were one of the reasons for the special military operation“.

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