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The ladies' paradise, this is where Villa Guarnieri is located: a truly magnificent place Spetteguless

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The success of Il Paradiso delle Signore is now unstoppable. Fiction stories continue to be interesting and stimulating for Italian audiences.


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Since its distant debut in 2015 the ladies' paradise has come a long way and has become one of the most followed fiction series. This passionate series certainly owes its success to the capable directors and the successful cast – consisting of some top actors such as: Alessandro Tersigni, Giusy Buscemi, Federica De Benedittis, Gloria Radulescu, Giuseppe Zeno and Ilaria Rossi – which managed to skillfully link the lives of the characters in the enchanting setting of post-war Italy.

As is known, the series is set in the 1950s and branches out around the life of Teresa Iorio, a young Sicilian woman who moves to Milan to work in the renowned department store “The ladies’ paradise”. The story has many twists and turns and explores the professional and personal stories of Teresa as well as those of numerous other characters: each with their own compelling story. It is precisely through the stories of the individual characters that emerges The series paints a beautiful portrait of Italian society at that timeexploring themes such as women's empowerment and the economic advancement of the time.

The ladies' paradise and the settings of fiction: This is where Villa Guarnieri is located

One of the most fascinating aspects of “The Ladies’ Paradise” is undoubtedly the choice of locations, which undoubtedly help create an authentic and appealing atmosphere. The locations chosen for the series also pay homage to the beauty and history of Italy, offering viewers a visual journey through some of the country's most impressive locations.

Villa Guarnieri, residence of Umberto Guarnieri

Villa Guarnieri, residence of Umberto Guarnieri from Il Paradiso delle Signore – Spetteguless.it

The majestic one Villa GuarnieriResidence of Umberto Guarnieri (played by Roberto Farnesi) And Adelaide of Saint Erasmus (Vanessa Gravina)is actually the villa of Vigna Murata, based in Rome. This stunning villa set in lush gardens is a perfect example of Renaissance architecture. Their elegance and historical charm add depth and realism to the narrative.

The bank's headquarters is managed by Carlo Mandelli (Corrado Tedeschi) is represented by Villino Crespi, is located at Via Guattani 17, also in Rome. Also rich in history and charm, this building's sophisticated architecture provides the perfect context for the financial commandos and corporate dramas that unfold in the series.

Another place of great importance in the series is the picturesque Via Garibaldi in Calcata Vecchia (VT), which is depicted in fiction as the street of Castelbuono. A crucial scene takes place here Teresa Iorio (Giusy Buscemi) he argues with his Salvo's friend (Luca Monsellato), a moment that marks a significant turning point in his life. Calcata Vecchia, with its cobbled streets and stone houses, offers the ideal backdrop to depict 1950s Sicily.

The success of the series is primarily due to the fact that… his story takes place in the post-war period, allows viewers to travel through time and explore its culture and history through the characters' compelling stories. The locations chosen for the series play a crucial role in literally transporting the viewer to another time.