The Last of Part 3 would be a false rumor

The Last of Part 3 would be a false rumor, Naughty Dog is trying to drown the fish

With social media on fire for a few days after the first rumors surrounding The Last of Us Part III surfaced, Naughty Dog Vice President Neil Druckmann tried to distract fans. He wished his subscribers a Happy New Year and also hinted that the leaks would be fake.

the last of us part ii

For all fans of The Last of Us, the year 2022 ended on a good note: On December 14, the leaker ViewerAnon, which is otherwise limited to the cinema, dropped a small bomb on its Twitter account: Naugthy Dog would have been involved in the development started by The Last of Us Part III. After the success of a second opus both loved and hatedsurprise quickly gave way to excitement among the players.

like he usually does the studio chose to remain silent instead of accidentally disclosing information. As such, Naughty Dog VP and The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann has worded his wishes for the New Year with extreme caution. After thanking his subscribers for their “incredible support,” he added that “a lot of great things are going to happen next year.”

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Neil Druckmann warns against false rumors surrounding The Last of Us

But Neil Druckmann doesn’t stop there. Finally, he also calls on his subscribers to be careful. “Beware of information coming from ‘insiders’. A lot of them are fake,” he says. Although no direct reference is made to The Last of Us Part III, It’s hard not to see any connection with the recent leakalthough this is still the only one affecting the game to date.

Is Naughty Dog trying to drown the fish? On the one hand, A sequel to The Last of Us Part II seems almost inevitable, as the saga has become a pillar of video games (not to mention the studio’s particular attraction for sequels). The other, the year 2023 already seems busy for the latter with the imminent arrival of the HBO series, the remake of the first work available on Steam in March, as well as the launch of the multiplayer title. Patience is the key at the moment.