The Lebanese resistance emphasizes the continuity of the reaction against

The Lebanese resistance emphasizes the continuity of the reaction against Israel

In his speech on the occasion of Martyr Leaders' Day, the movement's general secretary stressed that the attacks on Nabatieh and Al-Sowaneh were deliberate “because the enemy could have avoided the killing of civilians.”

In this sense, Nasrallah reiterated that “when it comes to harming civilians, this issue is particularly sensitive for us.”

On this issue, the top Hezbollah politician pointed out that the battle front stretches for more than 100 kilometers and the overthrow of the resistance martyrs is part of the confrontation with the enemy.

By the way, he noted: “The victims of resistance movements do not arise from an emotional state or a temporary reaction, but from awareness and knowledge of the goals.”

The resistance chief added that Israel has gone too far and Hezbollah will not tolerate the problem of harming civilians.

At the same time, he added that the Israeli goal of killing citizens was to pressure the resistance to end its operations on the southern front.

In this context, Nasrallah said that the attack on the settlement of Kiryat Shmona with dozens of Katyusha rockets and several Falaq rockets was an initial response.

According to the political and military leader, the Israeli enemy will pay for the blood of women and children to be shed in Nabatieh, Al-Sowaneh and others.

At this point he declared: “The price of civilian blood will be blood, not mere locations or prisons,” pointing out that the resistance from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat has large and precise missile capabilities.

Nasrallah addressed the Israelis and warned: “This front will not stop, no matter how much you attack, kill or threaten.”

Another time he said that the Tel Aviv organization was unable to provide the world with a single piece of evidence of the lies that had been spread since October 7th.

In this regard, Hezbollah's secretary general said that if an investigation is launched on October 7, “the moral and legal foundation that Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden claim with their insistence on eliminating Hamas will collapse.”