The legacy the new champion Gabriele drives the fans crazy

The legacy, the new champion Gabriele, drives the fans crazy: Wild Men

Also, tonight, Sunday January 28th, L'Eredità was broadcast, the program hosted by Marco Liorni that drives viewers crazy. This time the so-called “100 seconds” reach Cesario and Gabriele. Which of the two will win this “stage” of the quiz show and earn the right to go to the guillotine? Quickly said, it was Gabriele. Who therefore faced the guillotine, the last step of the program, with a loot of 160,000 euros.

Here are the words of his guillotine; take, noble, agreement, game, million. The prize money at the end is 20,000 euros after all necessary deductions. But which will be the winning word that connects all these words? The correct answer is “Parts”, but Gabriele says “Polo”, even though Liorni tried to reason with him. Nothing, the champion Gabrile will try again tomorrow January 29th.

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On social channels, male users rave about Gabriele's beauty, “being married,” someone writes. “There are good-looking people who act cool and those who don't act cool,” adds one viewer: “Long live Gabriele, good-looking and talented!” While others report comments that are not written, but only censored may …

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