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The lies of the QCGN and its allies

Eva Ludvig, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, an English-language lobby, published a text Feb. 10 The press to state that certain proposed amendments to the Official Languages ​​Act were unacceptable. His argument deserves attention.

In particular, she criticizes the use of the no-objection clause to protect Bill 96 from possible invalidation by federal judges. By doing so, Quebec would be in violation of the Canadian Charter.

We are touching here on an essential function of this charter imposed on us. It makes it possible to dive into anti-Quebec xenophobia while presenting oneself as a virtuous defender of fundamental rights.

Mussolini, Hitler and the Gestapo

The QCGN excels at this game: in 2021, Arthur Meyers, one of its members, compared Law 96 to Mussolini and Hitler during a meeting of the organization. At another meeting, attorney Anne-France Goldwater, for her part, mentioned the Gestapo.

For her part, in 2022, former QCGN President Marlene Jennings drew a parallel between Law 96 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She also mentioned American segregation to describe the situation between Anglo and Quebec. Remember that this period in United States history resulted in 4,075 lynchings in particular.

The QCGN also objects to the fact that the law on the official languages ​​of the charter would make the French language subject. This would be a very good thing as this federal legislation has failed miserably to stem the eradication of our culture across Canada, including Quebec. This is also the reason why the QCGN opposes its change.

The idea of ​​adapting this Canadian law to the Quebec language regime was defended by Bloc member Mario Beaulieu, who does notable work on the Official Languages ​​Committee. But lo and behold, everything was rejected. This does not prevent QCGN from continuing its disinformation campaign even after winning its case.

These lies are spread by three Liberal MPs. Emmanuella Lambropoulos initially wrongly conveys the idea that it is no longer possible to receive treatment in English in Quebec. In reality it is the fact of being treated in French that presents a problem.

The Holocaust

For his part, Anthony Housefather stated that Holocaust survivors could no longer be treated in English. This instrumentalization is an outrage against the memory of the Jewish victims of National Socialism and a trivialization of the Holocaust.

Simultaneously with this desecration of the sacred memory of the Shoah, this Jewish elected official finds nothing wrong with his government funding the Muslim Association of Canada, an openly anti-Semitic organization, with millions of dollars!

The worst thing about this whole story is that it’s the Francophones who are the victims of injustice across the country, not the English Canadians in Quebec. From this perspective, what can we say about Marc Garneau? The member for Westmount is spreading exactly the same lies as the QCGN. When confronted, he recently defended himself in a publication in which he presents himself as a brave defender of his people!

Garneau was known to be actively working with Anglophones against his own nation. We are now discovering that this disloyal Quebecer is also a hypocrite.