The love story at first sight of Rafael Dudamel father

The love story at first sight of Rafael Dudamel, father of Miss Venezuela, with a beautiful Cali: This is how Amanda Dudamel gets along with the mother of her two younger brothers

The Viceroy’s family miss universe, Amanda Dudamel is undoubtedly her greatest support on the path she has chosen to represent her country in an international competition that will be her best stepping stone to promote her future projects. And his father, the former director of Vinotinto, was always by his side as he tried to find the eighth crown for Venezuela.

After many years, the Miss Venezuela organization managed to send a candidate who stunned with her personality, possessed of a sympathy and dominance of the scene that positioned her among the favorites since her arrival in New Orleans.

Supported by her boyfriend Daniel Roa and her famous father, Amanda had the great experience of not only representing her country in the highest universal competition, but also managing to become her country’s new ambassador.

This is the family that Miss Venezuela’s father started in Colombia

Amanda Dudamel is a young woman who comes from a family nucleus where she always found her parents’ love. However, Nahir Newman’s marriage with Rafael Dudamel ended after a union, in which there were two daughters.

The split took the couple down different paths and even countries as Miss Venezuela 2021’s mother chose Chile as her second home.

While his father awaited new commitments as a professional soccer coach in Colombia, where he eventually settled and met a woman with whom he rebuilt his life.

From the program “Entrevista Dos” with Christian Prada, the Venezuelan athlete introduced his new wife Carolina Duque, with whom he fell in love at first sight during a visit to the city of Cali.

In a pleasant dialogue, the Colombian YouTuber managed to get the couple to share their own love story, reminisce about past experiences and how they became parents to their two offspring.

The engineer’s wife is an attractive architect whom he met at a restaurant the day she celebrated her graduation. His football-loving family recognized Dudamel and after asking for a photo, the future lovers met and everything was born there.

Carolina Duque admitted with a smile in the interview that despite the fact that her family lives the emotions of football, she knew very little about this sport.

But this misinformation of the world surrounding the former coach wasn’t an obstacle for both of them to feel attracted and a relationship ensued that culminated in marriage in 2017 after the arrival of firstborn little Rafael.

Regardless of the age difference, he, 50, and she, 37, along with their two children, formed the best team in coffee country and built a home where Amanda Dudamel received her two best gifts in life: two little brothers who are your sweetheart.

The photo of him hugging and comforting his daughter on the Miss Universe stage went viral and reflected all the support Rafael Dudamel has given his eldest daughter since he decided to venture out to seek the crown internationally.

In her father and his new wife, Amanda Dudamel has a second home in Cali, a city where she is a frequent visitor and enjoys her brothers in the company of her inseparable friend Daniel Roa.

Unity and happiness reign in the house founded by Miss Venezuela’s father and the family pictures speak for themselves, of the harmony they live by being able to meet at times when the commitments of the young fashion designer allow it in the Country of New Granada.

At 37, Carolina Duque announced on her Instagram account that she will be a mother again, a maternal experience that she has to cope with due to her age and her mother of two young children aged 4 and 7 who need energy on a daily basis fears fulfilled.

However, he revealed that he is delighted with the news, a fact that makes Dudamel the future father of 5 children in total. (AND)

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