The lyrics of the new song between Shakira and Karol

The lyrics of the new song between Shakira and Karol G are filtered

Photos: Colprensa-Instagram

The rumors spread about the “Tiradera” of Carol G And Shakira towards their respective ex-partners seem to be true. This was revealed on the Telemundo program “Hoy Día” where they revealed what would be a small fragment of the texts that the Colombians would interpret.

Karol G reveals how he met Rihanna: ‘Things come up when they have to wait and they happen’

The meeting of the two singers took place in the middle of Super Bowl 2023, a sporting event where Rihanna appeared as a guest singer for the famous halftime show.

“We have confidentially received part of the lyrics of the song from Shakira and Karol G,” said Andrea Meza, host of the program, who added:

“It’s titled ‘Te Quedó Grande’ and Karol G refers to Anuel AA like this: ‘At least with me I kept you pretty.'” Shakira apparently revisits Piqué, referring to his song Monotonía with the verse : “You go out to look for food and I thought it was monotony.”

on the sides of Shakirayou and Gerard Pique Even after they separated in the middle of last year, they still give people something to talk about. The Barranquillera’s mother-in-law, the children (Sasha and Milan), the ex-player’s rudeness, etc., each movement seems to be a “source of inspiration” for news and/or songs.

The woman from Barranquilla is the one who extracted the most juice from the “tusa”, which even a diver promotes on her social networks with the phrase “women don’t cry, women calculate”.

Karol G revealed details of his collaboration with Shakira: TQG

“It was great for you” would be the title of the song between the two Colombians and once again addressed the separation of Barranquillera from Gerard Piqué

And meanwhile, the ex-Blaugrana keeps walking with his girlfriend Clara Chia, with whom he was seen quite affectionately in public.

While on the sides Carol Ghis relation to anuel aa It doesn’t seem to have ended on the best of terms, apart from these two seeing it through social networks or the media.

Karol G turned 32 and the celebration spun on social media

The Colombian shared a postcard revealing her voluptuous figure, prompting her followers to melt in praise of the singer

The Paisa in any song or on any digital platform insisted on throwing references to the Puerto Rican, with whom she was not only a couple for more than three years, but also became engaged.

Anuel AA, Puerto Rican city singer. Photo: Instagram @anuel

Carol G has added a third feature to his presentations, which he will offer at the stadium in March 2023 Hiram Bithorn in san juan, Puerto Rico, announced the producers of the event. According to Move Concerts Puerto Rico and Noah Assad Presents, the interpreter of hits like “Provenza”, “A ella”, “El Makinon” or “Tusa” will be performing on March 10th, 11th and 12th.

Hiram Bithorn Stadium has become one of the main venues for showcasing urban artists over the past two years. he did bad bunny with several concerts in December 2021 entitled “P FKN R” and that is expected Papa Yankee are doing the same soon after canceling their retirement appearances from the stage in January this year.

Lately, Carol G premiered “X Si Volvemos”, accompanied by the Bachatero of Dominican origin Romeo Santos. This song came shortly after Karol G, winner of the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2018, announced his next and fourth album Mañana Será Bonito, which will presumably include the above song Shakirawhich would be titled “You have grown.”

quarrel unleashed Shakira after posting a video on his Instagram account in which he sings a song that for many was dedicated to Gerard Piqué on the first Valentine’s Day that they spend apart.

In the above recording, the Colombian singer wears high heels while mopping a carpet and singing:

“I could kill my ex, but that’s not the best idea. Your new girlfriend is next, how did I get here? I could kill my ex even though I still love him. I’d rather be in prison than alone. I have a feeling it’s a lost cause. I have a feeling that you could really love her,” translates the lyrics of this song into Spanish.