The Maple Leafs are eliminated by the Panthers

The Maple Leafs are eliminated by the Panthers

The Maple Leafs dreamed of a miracle comeback against the Florida Panthers. However, Nick Cousins ​​had a different plan in mind.

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After a seven-game win over the Boston Bruins in the first round, the Panthers continued on their way, showing the Leafs the exit door in five games.

Cousins, a former Canadiens, scored the game-winning goal in the 3-2 overtime win. With seven throws, the number 21 surprised goalkeeper Joseph Woll with a wrist shot, while defender Radko Gudas charged the opposing net. It was his first shot of the game.

In terms of shots on goal, the Leafs dominated that game 52-43. In overtime, the locals also had more shots, nine to six. In the final table, however, another goal was scored for the Panthers.

Again Bobrowski

In the winners’ camp, Sergei Bobrovsky again delivered a strong match. The number 72 goaltender made 50 saves to secure his seventh win since the start of the playoffs and his fourth against the maple leaf team.

Without him, the Panthers would never have eliminated the Leafs so quickly. He was a key player in this series.

In the Eastern Finals, the Panthers meet the Carolina Hurricanes, who also won their second-round series in five games against the New Jersey Devils.

The Panthers will advance to the Eastern Finals for the first time since 1996.

Doubts in Toronto

William Nylander had reignited the Toronto fire by equalizing with just under five minutes remaining in the third period. Nylander had found a small hole in Bobrovsky’s armor when he foiled him at the top of the net. With this goal, the Swede had forgotten a goal that Morgan Rielly had denied in the second period.

Auston Matthews and Mitchell Marner failed to add their names to the scoresheet in that crucial encounter.

With this quick exit to the Panthers, the Maple Leafs face several questions. CEO Brendan Shanahan, general manager Kyle Dubas and head coach Sheldon Keefe are in danger of ejecting.

Yes, the Leafs won their first series since 2004 by eliminating the Lightning of Tampa Bay in the first round, but we’ll soon forget that reality. The Leafs had put together a roster hoping to play for the Stanley Cup.

Dubas had taken on center Ryan O’Reilly and a number of other players and was hoping for a long spring in Queen City.

Matthews character

Long considered one of the best forwards in the NHL, Matthews will also fuel the rumor mill. The Arizona native hasn’t reached his goal in five games against the Panthers.

Matthews will land a lucrative five-year deal worth $58.195 million next season. A no-trade clause applies to him from July 1st.

When Matthews’ talent is beyond doubt, his desire to win again needs to be proven. But he’s not the only culprit in this elimination.

John Tavares, the team captain, also ended this second round with a zero in the goal column.

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First period

1-FLO: Aaron Ekblad (1)(Forsling, Verhaeghe)AN-3:31
2-FLO: Carter Verhaeghe (5)(Duclair, Ekblad)16:18

Penalties: McCabe (Goal) 1:37, Ekblad (Flo) 7:57, Gudas (Flo) 13:02

second period

3-GOAL: Morgan Rielly (4)(Lafferty, fight)7:50

Penalties: none

third period

4-GOAL: William Nylander (4)(Tavares, Brodie)15:33

Penalties: none


4-FLO: Nick Cousins​​(2)(Gudas)15:32

Penalties: Brodie (goal) 7:35

Shoot the net

Florida 12-18-7-6-43 Toronto 13-16-14-9-52


FLO: Sergei Bobrovsky (D, 7-2), GOAL: Joseph Woll (P, 1-2)

Numerical advantages:

FLO: 1 to 2, TOR: 0 to 2


Jean Hebert, Kyle Rehman


Bevan Mills, David Brisebois