The mastermind of the biggest diamond heist in the history

The mastermind of the biggest diamond heist in the history of the Netherlands has been arrested in Ibiza

Police in Ibiza have arrested the mastermind of the largest jewelry and diamond heist in the history of the Netherlands, a heist carried out at Amsterdam airport in 2005 by a large group of thieves who stole $72 million worth of gems. The now arrested Errol HV, 59, was arrested along with five other people in Valencia in 2017 and sentenced to seven years in prison after his extradition in 2021. However, after his release, he fled until the appeal against his conviction was completed. Now that the verdict has recently been confirmed, he has been arrested again in a spectacular operation on a country road on the island, in which agents from the National Police Refugee Group held the refugee at gunpoint, whose physical appearance had been significantly altered.

The robbery occurred on February 25, 2005 at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), when the detainee, along with other people, stole a large amount of jewelry and diamonds worth more than 72 million dollars after attacking an armored vehicle of the KLM airline on the security runway at the above-mentioned airfield. The perpetrators of the robbery used firearms and used great violence against their victims to carry out the crimes. During the trial of those arrested for that robbery, prosecutors called the attack “the largest robbery in the history” of the country. Some of the loot was later recovered in a vehicle, but some of the goods worth around 40 million euros remained untraceable. The delivery of jewels and diamonds was destined for Antwerp.

Errol HV has now been located after an investigation was launched in November last year when Dutch authorities informed Spanish authorities that the fugitive may be living on the island of Ibiza. A European arrest and surrender order was in effect against the refugee for robbery with violence and intimidation with firearms.

The fugitive was in an Ibicencan town, near which the agents built a fence. This Tuesday afternoon, the wanted man was seen leaving the house in an SUV in which he acted as co-pilot. After several kilometers of chase, the police stopped the vehicle, took the co-pilot out of the car and handcuffed him at gunpoint. Errol HV wore paint-stained shorts, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.

“The researchers observed his major physical change compared to the photos they had available. “The arrested person looked much younger and thinner, which does not exclude the possibility that he had undergone some cosmetic procedures to change his appearance and make him less recognizable,” said a press release distributed this morning Police.

After his arrest, the fugitive was placed at the disposal of the Central Investigative Court No. 6 of the National Court, which must decide on his extradition.

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