The mistake of the soulless Lucarelli the strange one quotHELLOquot

The mistake of the soulless Lucarelli, the strange one "HELLO" by Gentiloni and Vannacci: therefore today…

– The league meets, criticizes the ECB, defends the alliance with Marine Le Pen (but not with the AfD…), is convinced that she can do well in the European elections. But the real news is the now almost certain candidacy of Roberto Vannacci which, according to the newspaper, could be worth up to 3% of the vote. Many, and who knows whether there is also this detail in Giorgia Meloni's thoughts about running or not: If she had fewer preferences than the general, that would be sensational…

– The death of Giovanna Pedretti It's a great tragedy. Gigantic. For one simple reason: Because because of total, absolute, tiny, tiny idiocy, we end up with a broken life, a shattered family, a widowed husband and an orphaned daughter. Honestly, was it worth it?

– The first note concerns the origin of everything. That is, the now widespread vice of turning everything and everyone into a “hero”. Especially when good feelings are involved. Giovanna's response to the negative review against Cheerful And disabled It had to be told, of course, it doesn't need deep analysis, but perhaps it shouldn't be elevated to the rank of a great demonstration of civilization. Ultimately there was nothing out of the ordinary.

– However, I say: once the omelette was prepared, since it was a pizzeria in the semi-unknown province of Lodi, which had no economic problems or real need for advertising (only 13 seats), there was really a need to get involved in order to to expose so aggressively?

– What then, the of Lorenzo Biagiarelli Hypotheses remain. Allusions, perhaps plausible, but based on different “fonts”, lower case letters and different spacing. Not verified and not verifiable. Yet they are spread on social media and at the mercy of everyone. Looking back, I ask: Did it make sense?

– Third: Biagiarelli laments a societal hatred “of such violence and magnitude” that “even a person who is not too friendly could push them to an extreme gesture.” That means: If he is pilloried by society, that is not good. However, when the victim is a poor, unknown restaurateur for whom “a news report, a social media post, and an Instagram story” can be enough to pressure them, everything is normal. I would have avoided the whining. And most importantly, I would have avoided talking about suicide, at least today.

– To be clear: I don't think so Giovanna Pedretti died or killed himself through the “fault” of Lorenzo Biagiarelli or of Selvaggia Lucarelli. Anyone who thinks like that is an idiot. All I'm saying is that the “clumsy attempt to hog the spotlight” that Lorenzo accused Giovanna of may have backfired on him. Because even his obsessive examination of this story, even though he does something completely different professionally, also seems to be a “clumsy attempt” to resemble his partner.

– At Selvaggia Lucarelli I don't find any error. In that sense, she limited herself to doing what she has always done, which is to try to dismantle the enthusiastic stories that newspapers often write with a little malice, without really going into depth. However, his mistake comes when he learns the news of Giovanna Pedretti's death. Because his self-liberating stories, whether right or wrong, lack the pinch of humanity that is required of even the most hyena-like of hyenas. Simply saying, “The lady was found dead,” shows little tact and very little soul.

– The fastest 90-year-old in the world is Italian. Total envy: At 32 years old, I find it difficult to cover a basketball court with agility.

– They asked Paolo Gentiloni if he intends to become secretary of the Democratic Party in place of Elly Schlein. What did he answer? “Until we meet again…”. He didn't confirm this, but he didn't deny it either. Watch out, Elly…

– So the leftists who support Hamas are tearing their hair out because of the Shoah memorial Ignazio La Russa he does not define himself as an “anti-fascist”. Is it the only one that seems like a contradiction in terms? The point is that, as we will repeat again and again, calling ourselves “anti-fascists” today is anachronistic and ideologically incorrect. Because the “anti-fascist” movement has a clear connotation, very liberticidal, often violent, which fits everything except the principles of democracy.

– Since we're talking about exposure today, I'm wondering: Is a terrorist organization that slaughters children and holds civilians hostage credible when it accuses Israel of killing some of the kidnapped people in the bombings? I say no. It seems to me more like a war strategy, macabre and in contradiction to the laws of war.

Fedez He's calling out one of his haters, but he's the wrong person. Incoming complaint and confirmation of confirmations: Chiara Ferragni's problem remains her husband.

– Danilo Toninelli from rags to rags. The minister can no longer buy tuna because it is too expensive. I don't believe it even when I see it.

– In France, the education minister is already in turmoil because he is sending his daughter to private school. I don't particularly like the cousins ​​from across the Alps, but I say: well done, everyone sends their children where they see fit. And then the goal of a school minister is to make public institutions just as competitive as private ones. So I don't see any contradiction.