The mythical GoldenEye 007 returns on January 27th on

The mythical GoldenEye 007 returns on January 27th on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Back to the end of the 1990s: the surveying of the then World Wide Web is still a novelty, social networks do not yet exist, the French soccer team does not yet have a star on its jersey. In those dark times, the Kyoto company pulled out the Nintendo 64 to confront Sony and its first PlayStation of that name, whose 3D games (still uncommon at the time, save for simulators) wowed the masses.

And since the best consoles are nothing without a quality toy library, Nintendo pays special attention to its lineup. The games available at launch of the 64 are a delight for fans. Super Mario 64, for example, laid the foundations for the 3D platformer whose novelties are still used today in the most modern video games. And to suit all gamer profiles, Nintendo challenged Rare to develop a first-person shooter based on the James Bond license; GoldenEye 007 was born and will establish itself as one of the most important games of its time. So far, no FPS (on console, anyway) had been so precisely targeted, both in terms of gameplay and performance. The exciting and challenging single player mode (at least in 007 mode) won over many aspiring spies, who spent hours aiming at the mobs’ knees to see them writhing in pain, or trying to save General Arkady Ourumov from the warehouse explosion to kill. The real ones will recognize themselves!

Nintendo 64 + Golden Eye 007

It was enough to spend the long winter evenings in 1997.

© Retrogames

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Good news for nostalgics and video game historians, the boss is back on two platforms. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can therefore try the mythical levels that were the dam or the train (but how do you get out of that damn wagon?), just like subscribers to the Switch Online + Additional Pack formula.

Trophies and 4K on the one hand, online multiplayer on the other

However, the two versions will not be exactly the same. On Xbox, GoldenEye 007 is enriched with the trophy system and 4K… but loses the online multiplayer. Luckily, local multiplayer is included, and that’s the main thing! Those who knew GoldenEye in its heyday know how battles between players helped forge legends and shatter friendships. As Clovis might have said if he’d had the joy of playing GoldenEye 007, “Remember the booby-trapped bulletproof vest!”

Goldeye 007

The complex multiplayer level, its narrow corridors and secret hiding places.

© Rare/Nintendo

Therefore, to enjoy multiplayer games with friends online, you must turn to the Switch version. And like on Xbox, local multiplayer will be present.

Sharpen your silencers, ready your golden guns and beware of your bulletproof vests, GoldenEye 007 arrives in less than 48 hours!

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