The Netflix app for iOS has been redesigned and has

The Netflix app for iOS has been redesigned and has new effects Escola Educação

Last Monday the 16th Netflix have received an update on devices with iOS operating system. Therefore, iPad and iPhone users can notice some differences, both in the polish of the interface design and in terms of the app’s own performance, which has been improved. Also, new navigation animations and bug fixes have been implemented in the new version.

A practical example of these changes can be seen in the production categories just above the poster. Although the filters seem to be the same, navigation has been made easier because now, after entering the “Series” or “Movie” category, simply tap the “x” icon to return to the home page.

In addition, when you open the first page of the Application, The title of a streaming platform appears prominently at the top. Instead of the hollow box it previously appeared in, the highlight is now presented in a rectangular box, in addition to the gyroscope feature, which adds more immersion as the image moves sideways based on movement with the device itself.

In addition to these two visually striking changes, the new update also brought other animation and effects features to several areas of the application. For example, if you change the profile picture and click the icon in the top right of the screen, you will see a loading animation, followed by a transition where the picture gradually decreases until it returns to the corner of the screen.

Another effect concerns the navigation between the titles, which is now faster and smoother. This way, when the user taps on a movie or series and opens the information page, it is possible for the user to drag down the tab to close it, which returns the page to its original format.

To access these new features, simply use the latest version of the Netflix application on any iOS device.