The new pose of the lovers by Lorenzo Lazo and Luz Blanchet

Just over two months ago, Lorenzo Lazo He publicly shared news that caused a stir. The economist revealed how his heart felt and announced the beginning of a new love affair. Days later, through the pages of HELLO! He posed with his new girlfriend, the TV presenter Luz Blanchet, with whom he is now experiencing a special moment full of pleasant experiences, as they both also enjoy one of their great passions, traveling, to the fullest. On the occasion of the December holidays, the couple took the opportunity to take a flight and land in a fascinating destination from where they posed completely in love and showed how well everything is going between them and were happy to welcome a new year that they certainly have they made several plans.



The photo of Lorenzo and Luz in love

With full enthusiasm, Lorenzo and Luz Blanchet welcomed the year 2024. Everything indicates that the couple traveled to the United States, from where they posed very in love and presented this new photo in which they seem completely complicit and full of this phase and completely live the romance. In the picture, the economist is seen holding his girlfriend by the waist as she hugs him and he kisses her on the cheek. Without more words than this postcard, both show that they are on the right path and every day they strengthen this relationship based on mutual respect and admiration, as the TV presenter has said on previous occasions when she spoke about how much she loves it is thrilled about her courtship with the renowned economist.

According to Lazo's photos, both of them are vacationing in La Jolla, the famous district of San Diego, California. It was in this city that the lovers enjoyed their first sunset of 2024, according to Lorenzo, who captured with his camera some views and landscapes of the area through which he walked with his girlfriend. The reaction from his followers on Instagram was, of course, immediate and wished him all the best for this new chapter in his personal story, which he prefers to keep out of the spotlight.


How did you meet?

For Lorenzo Lazo and Luz Blanchet, love came unexpectedly. As the communicator previously shared, it all happened one day when she had the task of hosting an event in which Lorenzo attended as a guest. After a few words and a greeting, the story began: “At that moment it was a real conversation between friends, among other things, about everything we started talking about, the topic of my children and the story of Aitana, who knows that she something special.” An illness occurred. And he told me: “I have a doctor who might be able to help you.” We exchange phone numbers, months go by and around April he writes to me and says: “Hello Luz, how are you, I'm Lorenzo Lazo.” “I was on the phone with my brother, he said to me: 'Can you talk?'” he said in Ventaneando.

From that moment, everything took shape when Lorenzo invited some of his friends who were celebrating their wedding anniversary to join in the celebration, as Blanchet recalled. “The first thing that struck me is the security with which everything is handled, it is impressive. Neither lunch, nor dinner, nor anything else, it's a personal event… I'm too cerebral, very analytical, I have the children in the middle, my life is very organized. The next time we went out, I said, 'I'll tell him how it is, how I deal with myself, because I don't know what this man is looking for in a relationship…'” she revealed.