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The nuclear threat from Iran is not just a problem for Israel Nicola Porro

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In a statement to the international press, Rafael Grossi, the head of the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that inspectors at the agency he leads estimate that theIran now has sufficient quantities of highly enriched uranium to build several of them Nuclear warheads. But one sentence in particular is likely to arouse interest: “This is a very frustrating event and we don’t understand why they don’t provide the necessary transparency.”

Rafael Grossi, the director of one of the most important, if not the most important, UN organizations, does not understand why the Islamic Republic of Iran does not cooperate or provide the necessary transparency. If the matter weren't so serious, it would be so serious because…atomic It's still dangerous, it would be funny. But when the ultimate weapon is in the hands of the turbaned lunatics and the madness reaches biblical proportions, everyone will lose their temper. Even those who until the day before were convinced that Iran still had the right, because within the radius of the carriers there will also be him, his family, his house and even his dog.

Because the nuclear threat from Iran would not only be a danger for them IsraelPeople with common sense have understood this factual reality for some time, apart from the usual suspects, because a global threat would open up scenarios that would send shivers down your spine just to think about. The IAEA kindly informs us that Iran has accelerated and tripled its production of uranium enriched to 60% in recent weeks, reversing an earlier slowdown that began in mid-2023. What purpose does this statement actually serve? To prepare part of the world for a scenario of coexistence with the new nuclear theocratic power? Even if it were, what's the point? However, there is the rest of the world that does not want to adapt and, above all, cannot, for the simple reason that the crazy people in the turban, those who recently sentenced Roya Heshmati, a 34-year-old girl, to 70 lashes Because publishing a photo of her without a veil on her head has been a threat for too many years. And the more uranium is refined, the greater the threats become.

Maybe someone has forgotten, but this all started when Muhammad Mustafā al-BarādeʿīOn December 1, 1997, he was promoted to Director of the IAEA, a position he held until November 30, 2009. Although he was awarded the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize During this time, as director of the IAEA, Iran vigorously pushed forward the development of its nuclear project, trusting in the silence of its brother in faith, even if the Sunni always remains a brother when necessary. Luckily they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize. I can remember another person receiving the same award for his Arab Spring, which later became Hellish Winters. Isn't it a coincidence that these Nobel Peace Prize winners have a bit of bad luck? Ok, maybe we will cover this topic in another article.

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Back to the nuclear theocrat: we must admit that there is no reason to calm down, because as Rafael Grossi himself admits, I see no reason to doubt his fears since he is currently the greatest expert in this field: uranium with a Purity of the 60% produced in recent weeks, at a rate of around nine kilograms per month compared to the three produced by June last year, represents another technical step towards the level necessary for a nuclear weapon. While this enrichment consequently increases the proportion of uranium-235, the isotope that can be used for nuclear fission, said Secretary of Iran's Supreme Council for National Security, Ali Akbar Ahmadian, during a conversation with former Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul- Mahdi explained, as Mehr news agency reported, that Israel and its United States They are in a situation where they cannot win. He might be right, he might not be.

The hope, ever dwindling, is never to have evidence as to who the winner might be in this hypothetical war between democratic and theocratic nuclear weapons. Also because there would probably only be a few left to celebrate a possible victory. As for the UN, we should take to heart the response of Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, to a journalist who asked whether there had been any signs that underground tunnels were being built, given the significant presence of UN agencies in Gaza. Would you like to know what his answer was? “Definitely not.”

Although it appears that some officials of the UNRWA (UN Agency for Palestine Refugees) had raised alarm about the presence of tunnels under United Nations structures in 2017, 2021 and 2022. UNRWA alone employs 13,000 staff in over 300 structures across the Gaza Strip, where it employs a dozen other UN Organizations operate, and Although there is a system of terrorist tunnels in the Gaza Strip that is believed to be larger than the London Underground network, the United Nations maintains that it had no knowledge of the construction and presence of the tunnels . Antonio Guterres and Stephane Dujarric weren't there, and if they were, they were fast asleep. One could laugh bitterly about this, as well as about the IAEA, if it weren't so tragic and bloody.

Michael Sfaradi, January 19, 2024

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