The only country in South America that requires a visa

The only country in South America that requires a visa for Peruvians: you cannot enter with just a DNI

Over the years, most South American countries have adopted it Immigration policy Promoting tourism and regional cooperation. However, there is one nation that takes a different position and, since 2019, has required Peruvians and other South American citizens to obtain visas to enter their territory.

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This measure, which stands out for its uniqueness in the region, has sparked a wide debate on immigration policy and diplomatic relations between countries, as it not only affects but also has a profound impact on people interested in tourist or business travel Area has international cooperation and integration.

What is the only country in South America that requires a visa for Peruvians?

It's about Venezuela. This measure has been in force for five years and came into force in response to then-President Martín Vizcarra's decision to request a passport and humanitarian visa for Venezuelans to enter the country and thus “ensure an orderly migration.” ” .

According to the Venezuelan Embassy in Peru, these are the requirements that Peruvian citizens must meet to obtain a tourist visa:

  • Original and copy of passport with a minimum validity of six (6) months
  • Document proving your residence in the country of origin
  • Two (2) recent photos (front, color and passport size)
  • Bank letter (indicating the account opening date, account number and account balance)
  • Employment letter (working hours, position and salary)
  • Copy of real, commercial, business, commercial or industrial property records (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of the round-trip or departure ticket from Venezuela
  • Medical certificate issued by the health authority of the country of origin
  • Hotel reservation or notarized invitation letter
  • Proof of payment of the relevant consular fee.

The only country in South America that requires a visa Tourist visa for Venezuela. Photo: Blog My Diary

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It is important to highlight that this type of visa is granted to foreigners who wish to enter Venezuela for the purposes of recreation, leisure, health or for activities that do not involve remuneration or profit.

Which South American countries can Peruvians enter with only a DNI?

Peruvian citizens have the advantage of being able to enter Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador simply with their national identity card (DNI), which means that for these visits it is not necessary to present a visa or passport thanks to the treaties concluded in the Andean Community of Nations (CAN ).

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In addition, this prerogative extends to other South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay. This is the result of specific bilateral agreements aimed at promoting tourism and simplifying migration processes between these countries, making the discovery of the continent's cultural diversity, natural beauties and historical heritage more accessible.