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“The Outlast Trials”: ​​The third part of the horror saga from Montreal studio Red Barrels is finally appearing on consoles

The saga appears after a six-year absence Survive finally returns with a brand new nightmare for thrill-seeking gamers. And it's clear that fans were impatient for it, because the enthusiasm for this third chapter has allowed Montreal studio Red Barrels to achieve the greatest success in its history. “We dreamed of it, we hoped for it, but we never thought it would reach such a scale,” admits co-founder Philippe Morin.

Interest in the Outlast video game series has obviously only grown over the years. As proof of this, more than 1.6 million players have already purchased the very latest chapter – The Outlast Trials – in Early Access since it was released on computers last spring. And this week the game finally landed on Sony and Microsoft's consoles.

“This is the best start in our history. It wasn’t always easy, the road to get there was rocky, but we are extremely proud of the result,” says Philippe Morin, co-founder and game designer at Red Barrels.

Survive the horror

Since its inception in 2013, the Outlast franchise has left its mark on gamers who love fear-inducing atmospheres, cold sweats and liberally poured hemoglobin. The Red Barrels studio then introduced them to a dark and barbaric world where the only goal – apart from the various missions on offer – is quite simple: to survive the experience.

A task that, as we quickly suspected, was more difficult than expected.

In contrast to other horror games – Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Co. – Outlast only provides its fans with a few resources and leaves them practically helpless against dark forces.

The Outlast Trials

Photo provided by Red Barrels

So forget pistols, knives, grenades or other weapons; Only here and there could a few advantages be gained, a potion or a cure that would allow one to temporarily gain a small edge over one's opponents.

“Most horror experiences impose certain restrictions on players; You can't be an invincible war machine in a horror game, that would go against the principle. But we wanted to push it even further,” explains Philippe Morin.

“In everyday life, anxiety often arises when we feel powerless in the face of a situation or events around us. “While our protagonist has no way to defend himself other than the tools that give him the opportunity to escape, there is something deeper, psychological in the fear,” he continues.

We apply the same formula today in The Outlast Trials, parachuting players into the heart of the Cold War as the infamous Murkoff Corporation conducts devastating experiments on, shall we say, less-than-willing guinea pigs. Think brainwashing, physical torture and unspeakable massacres. The Red Barrels team also cites the films Cube and Decadence II as main sources of inspiration – works that, let's be honest, are not exactly top-notch works.

Follow the ideas

Now that this new adventure is finally coming to the planet's consoles, the Outlast universe seems destined to continue to grow. In addition to having his head full of ideas for future video game content, Philippe Morin reveals that discussions to bring the saga to the screen are in full swing.

“Negotiations are ongoing, so I can’t say more. We've had some offers in the past that were never implemented, but I think this time it's the right thing. We will see if we have anything to announce in the coming months,” he says.

The Outlast Trials: An Absolutely Horrifying Nightmare Experience ★★★★ 1/2

Let's just say it: The Outlast Trials are the scariest experience we've ever played. Not less.

Horror games are plentiful and have been appearing on our consoles, computers and mobile phones at a rapid pace for many years. If several of them succeed, only a few succeed in evoking pure and simple horror in us.

But The Outlast Trials is part of this very select club.

Thanks to its oppressive, fear-inducing atmosphere, its tense action sequences and its absolutely terrible premise, we spent many hours in a climate of real fear, glued to our screens and with wet hands gripping the controller tightly.

Without a past or morals

We are in the middle of the Cold War and subjected to the barbaric and unspeakable experiments of the Murkoff Corporation. The ultimate goal? Free the protagonist from his past and strip him of any moral or ethical values ​​to reduce him to an empty shell, completely malleable by beings with evil intentions.

The Outlast Trials

Photo provided by Red Barrels

As events progress, we will plunge into various dark and downright depressing universes, populated by nightmarish and merciless executioners with only one goal: to give us a bad time.

The result – supported by breathtakingly realistic graphics and a breathtakingly immersive sound mix – is nothing short of every horror fan's ultimate dream.

  • The Outlast Trials game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.