The painful loss of Karina Banda You will always live

The painful loss of Karina Banda: “You will always live in us”

Karina Banda announced this a few weeks ago fulfilling He Dream from all his Life on the plane professionaland for that he had to move Argentina where you will be staying for at least two and a half months. However, this time too confessed that something personal she had plagued. And that is his in this moment Grandpa he was very sick and the driver wanted see him once again in person. Unfortunately, this family member is so loved by the driver deceased are that they might have fired.

tape used his social networks to share with your followers sad Messages he just received expressing everyone pain how do you feel about them Loss this familiar important for her.

The painful loss of Karina Banda You will always live

Karina Banda was very attached to her grandfather.

Yes OK carina was aware of this sensitive Condition Health from his Grandpaand when he travelled Argentina so he made it known, also the feeling pain It’s something that cannot be held back, although he was aware of the possibility of his departure. “Rest in peace, grandfather. You will always live in us,” the wife wrote Carlos Ponce in one of his stories instagram.

Prior to travel Argentinathe driver had left visit to his grandfather To Monterey, Mexico, where he could enjoy moments of affection and love with him. However, recently carina had expressed his wish to return To see himand even the famous one had said that she would take two weeks from her new project to travel to her home country.

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This is how Karina Banda said goodbye to her grandfather.

“Just a month ago I went to you, I refused to say and think that I would say goodbye to you, but today I know that it was the last time I could see you and hug you,” he said. carina with much sadness.

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Not realizing that they would never see each other again, he Grandpa from carina he said something latest Words that will forever remain in the driver’s heart. “,I love you with all my heart’. And I’ll stick with it my whole life. I love you too with all my heart,” she wrote moderator.

The connection that existed between him grandfather And carina it was very specialand proof of that was the photo shared by the rider, in which she can be seen merging into one hug with his lover Grandpa.