1706554591 The Panamanian journalist cried over Cecilio Waterman39s goal and the

The Panamanian journalist cried over Cecilio Waterman's goal and the celebration in Alianza Lima

The Panamanian journalist cried over Cecilio Waterman39s goal and the

Lima Alliance defeated César Vallejo 2-1 on the first day of the 2024 Liga 1 Apertura tournament. The blue and white team's first goal was converted Cecilio Waterman with a big head bang. The Panamanian striker celebrated his goal with a special dedication Luis Tejada, who died hours before the game. Afterward, journalist Leonardo Aguilar was moved by the celebration of the intimate shooter.

“The thing about Cecilio Waterman pointing to the sky and shouting 'Matador' after scoring his first goal with Alianza Lima. The most emotional thing I saw during the tribute to Tejada was that I cried,” the communicator published on his social networks.

Cecilio Waterman spoke about his commitment to Luis Tejada in goal

After the game, Cecilio Waterman He explained this to the press, referring to the death of Luis Tejada. The shooter of Lima Alliance He revealed that he has been his idol since childhood and emphasized the modesty of the “Matador”.

“Since I was little I watched him score goals, I dreamed of being like the 'Matador'. God will have him in his glory because he was a great, very humble person. Here in Peru he is known for his humility in his goals. He was very loved here. Greetings to him, his family and may God receive him well there, may he give us good vibes,” he indicated.

“The aim was for him, I thought about it, to emulate him, to 'silence' him, but perhaps he took it badly, as I had just arrived I thought they would think I was calling people out Silence, but no, the truth is.” That I celebrated him in heaven. When the national team played and he was no longer there, he came to support us. In the national team I wear his jersey, the 18, I wear it a lot and, well, I “I am grateful to him for everything he has done,” added the Panamanian team striker.

Which teams did Cecilio Waterman play on?

Cecilio Waterman He has played for several South American clubs throughout his career. The Panamanian visited the jerseys of Fénix de Uruguay, Defensor Sporting, Plaza Colonia, Venados de México, Universidad de Concepción de Chile, Everton and Cobresal.

In total, the 32-year-old striker has played 297 official games throughout his career, in which he scored 77 goals and provided 31 assists. According to the specialist portal Transfermarkt, his passport letter is currently worth 700,000 euros.

When is Alianza Lima's next League 1 match?

Lima Alliance must face Alianza Atlético de Sullana on the second day of the 2024 Liga 1 Apertura tournament. This duel is scheduled for Sunday, February 4th at 2:00 p.m. (Peruvian time) in the city of Piura.

The close team cannot count on Argentine midfielder Adrián Arregui due to the expulsion. His position would be taken by Jesús Castillo. The rest of the starting team would be the same one that just defeated César Vallejo.