The PLQ has turned the page believes Anglade

The PLQ has turned the page, believes Anglade

Dominique Anglade voted with a sense of accomplishment on Monday at the end of a campaign that had its ups and downs. The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) has managed to turn the page of its past, she says.

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The Liberal leader was in her ride from Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne on Monday morning to cast her vote at the ballot box.

“I feel like I gave it my all in this campaign, I brought all the ideas, I also listened and I was first and foremost myself. and most importantly,” she said.


Ms Anglade said she was “very confident” of being able to retain the seats currently held by her political party.

Dominique Anglade agreed with an English-speaking reporter who asked her if she had managed to “turn the page in the past” to make the PLQ a party in her image. “I believe him. I think people are looking to the Liberal Party and we’ve talked a lot about the future, we’ve talked a lot about a renewed team,” she said in English.


Voters will see a renewed party with new MPs. “Of course that will be another story,” said Ms. Anglade.