The PQ confirms its lead in the polls –

The PQ confirms its lead in the polls –

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon's Parti Québécois (PQ) confirms its lead in the polls at a time when support for the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is melting like snow in the sun.

According to a survey of 1,175 respondents carried out on January 24 by Pallas Data on behalf of Qc125 and L'Actualité, the latter would have lost half of its voters in 16 months.

François Legault's party would now only achieve 21% of the voting intentions. Recall that in October 2022 he easily won the general elections with 41% of the vote.

In comparison, the PQ – which has just four representatives in the National Assembly – currently enjoys the favor of 32% of voters, an 11-point lead over the CAQ, according to Pallas Data.

The other parties would stand still: Quebec Solidaire (QS) would receive 17% of voting intentions, compared to 15% for the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) and 12% for the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ).

On December 6, Prime Minister François Legault attributed his party's staggering decline in the polls to three unpopular decisions, including increasing MPs' salaries by 30%.

Respondents also criticized the subsidy provided for the Los Angeles Kings' transfer to Quebec and the CAQ's hesitation regarding the third link between Quebec and Lévis.

“Third link, increasing the salaries of the deputies, the Los Angeles Kings, that's a number of factors,” Mr. Legault explained. I always take full responsibility. »

Since then, there have been strikes in the health and education sectors that may have left their mark.

During the CAQ pre-session in Sherbrooke last week, Mr Legault said he wanted to put an end to “distractions” and refocus on five priorities: health, education, environment, economy and identity.

The work of the National Assembly will resume this Tuesday.

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