The premiere of the series La Moderna Tea Room on

The premiere of the series “La Moderna Tea Room” on public television and four other proposals that you can see on TV today

Public television will simultaneously premiere the series Salón de Tea La Moderna, based on the novel Tea Rooms by Luisa Carnés, on La 1 and La 2. For its part, La Sexta offers a new episode of Desmontando in which Boris Izaguirre reviews the heritage of Andalusian Spain, and Antena 3 continues the broadcast of the competition The Floor. In the cinema sector, TCM broadcasts a masterpiece by Ken Loach, “Sorry we Missed You”, and Movistar Clásicos offers a reference for adventure cinema, “The Four Feathers” by Zoltan Korda.

‘Sorry, we missed you’

3:20 p.m., TCM

Sorry We Missed You, by Ken Loach

United Kingdom, 2019 (100 minutes). Director: Ken Loach. Cast: Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone.

Once again, Ken Loach strives to look at the present in order to understand it. This is the proposal of Sorry, we Missed You, born from the immediacy of its vision, from the speed of a camera that captures life, that captures reality. His characters are precarious workers who experience how their work turns their existence into daily misery that leads to a lifeless life. Urgent cinema, necessary cinema.

“The Four Feathers”

6.30 p.m., Movistar Classics

The Four Feathers by Zoltan Korda

The four feathers. United Kingdom, 1939 (110 minutes). Director: Zoltan Korda. Cast: John Clements, Ralph Richardson, C. Aubrey Smith.

A classic of the colonial adventure genre, packaged in magnificent photography by Georges Périnal and powerful music by Miklós Rósza; The adventures of the officer with the feathers that symbolize cowardice are brimming with a sense of adventure thanks to the narrative brilliance of Zoltan Korda; What remains in our memory is the memorable British officer, played by the great C. Aubrey Smith, who constantly recounts the battles to the guests who come to his table.

Andalusian Spain, in “Desmontando”

10:30 p.m., sixth

Dismantling, broadcast on La Sexta

In Desmontando, Boris Izaguirre traces a journey through the history of Spain. The third part of the program focuses on Andalusian Spain and includes both civil and military engineering structures on the peninsula as well as relics of Muslim cultural wealth such as the Alhambra of Granada, the Mosque of Córdoba or the palace complex of Medina Azahara. It even shows the Andalusian origins of Madrid, which was known as Mayrit at the time of its founding.

Premiere of the series “La Moderna Tea Room”

10.40 p.m., 1 and 2

La Moderna Tea Room Series, broadcast on TVE

The series Salón de Tea La Moderna will premiere on public television, based on the novel Tea Rooms by Luisa Carnés, one of the great writers of the 27 generation, who was inspired by her own experiences as a waitress in a Madrid pastry shop to write her construction site . The series recreates the conspiracies that arise between employees and customers at an upscale tea room in 1930. The beginning is about Matilde, a young woman from a simple family who goes to work in one of the most elegant cafés in Madrid, where she meets Íñigo, his teenage sweetheart, now a well-off young man, right-hand man of one of the city’s most important businessmen.

New edition of “The Floor” competition

10:45 p.m., antenna 3

The floor contest, broadcast on Antena 3

Manel Fuentes is responsible for hosting “The Floor” competition, which brings together 100 contestants who fight for territory on a giant LED floor divided into 100 rooms. Participants must combine knowledge and strategy to conquer the neighboring fields and gradually dominate the entire playing field.

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