The President of Ecuador decides to dissolve the Security Secretariat

The President of Ecuador decides to dissolve the Security Secretariat

In a statement released on Tuesday evening, the president clarified that the appointment of Wong, Minister of Public Administration, is precisely to eliminate the body created in 2022 by then-ruler Guillermo Lasso.

According to the executive, the institution “never achieved the results that the country needed”.

This measure will allow resources to be strategically directed towards strengthening law enforcement and all institutions already responsible for ensuring the security of citizens and the state, the government said.

Likewise, he explained that the responsibilities managed by this Secretariat will be transferred to the relevant ministries.

This organization, founded by Lasso, was attached to the Presidential Office of the Republic and its task was to develop public policies, comprehensive planning and coordination between the organizations responsible for the sector in order to stop the wave of violence.

However, Ecuador ended 2023 as the most insecure country in Latin America and this is the main concern of citizens who are demanding concrete and urgent measures from the head of the executive branch.

During his campaign, Noboa unveiled the so-called Phoenix Plan to end the violence.

In interviews with local media this Tuesday, Minister Palencia emphasized that this strategy is already implemented in the country and shows a decrease in violence rates.

However, their statements that the plan has already been implemented continue to make headlines about criminal activity.