1708980159 The promotion ends this week Guarantee your ticket

The promotion ends this week. Guarantee your ticket

What's the plan for today? The week of movie theater runs until Wednesday 28th. It's a great opportunity to enjoy incredible films on the big screen across Brazil, for only R$ 12.

Oh, and don't forget the popcorn and soda combo deals that offer special discounts. Are you going to let this pass?

It's the ideal opportunity to watch the top Oscarrated films and take a look at other exciting national and international releases before the awards ceremony.

The promotion ends this week Guarantee your ticket

The campaign aims to raise awareness of cinema Photo: Canva Pro/Reproduction

Cinema chains participating in the campaign

The campaign is valid in the main cinemas in Brazil. So there is no excuse: take the opportunity and watch the countless films shown.

To make it easier, we list the cinema chains that have taken up the idea and are committed to popularizing cinema. Just look:

  • Arteplex;

  • motion picture;

  • Cinemark;

  • Cinepolis;

  • cinema system;

  • Cinema Marquise;

  • CNG;

  • Itaú Cinemas;

  • Moviecom;

  • Petra Fine Arts;

  • game art;

  • Intensive care unit.

Oh, it's important to mention that Cinema Week only applies to 2D sessions. XD, IMAX or VIP rooms are not included in this offer.

Movie options available

From intense dramas to romantic comedies, there are options for every taste and audience this special week.

That's why Multiverso's tip is: Don't miss the opportunity to take a look at some of the highlights. An example is “Poor Creatures” and “Anatomy of a Fall,” both of which were nominated for an Oscar.

In addition, global success has occurred social media is the novel “Everyone But You.” Brazilian cinema is also the focus, with the feature film “Nosso Lar 2: Os Mensageiros” being shown.

Other recently released productions are on the list, such as Marvel's “Madame Teia”, “Bob Marley: One Love” and “Ferrari”, which premiered on Thursday (22nd).

Find out how Cinema Week came about

The week of movie theater is a project supported by the National Federation of Cinema Exhibition Companies (Feneec) and is already in its 3rd edition.

The proposal aims to democratize access to cinema and give more people the opportunity to enjoy the latest releases on the big screen.

In this way, we want to expand the audience's reach and participation in the cinema experience.

Launched in 2022, the proposal got off to a promising start, attracting the attention of more than 3.7 million viewers who visited the cinemas.

In the following edition, the number of viewers rose impressively to 10 million, which corresponds to a 296% increase in the number of films shown.