The realistic version of Lilo from Lilo Stitch is

The realistic version of Lilo from ‘Lilo & Stitch’ is the cutest thing you will see today Online Séries

Lilo & Stitch

PhotoPlayback/Walt Disney Feature Animation/Buena Vista Pictures

The animated series “Lilo & Stitch” follows the story of a little girl who takes care of disadvantaged animals.

She collects recyclable garbage and makes money that might feed the fish. His life changes after he encounters an alien creature named Stitch. Lilo starts treating him like a dog and they both become good friends who have many adventures together.

In Brazil, production started on June 28, 2002. The creation of the design was made after the President of Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner, decide to invest in a cheaper film. After that they invited the artist Chris Sanders to develop a new project. At that time he reused the character Stitch, which had already appeared in a book in 1985.

The original story was set in rural Kansas, but Sanders decided to move it to Hawaii. At this point, Dean DeBlois, codirector of “Mulan,” joined the project and collaborated with Sanders on the screenplay. This is how “Lilo & Stitch” came about, one of Disney’s great successes.

Artist Hidreley Diao uses his image editing skills to imagine what famous characters would look like if they were real people. This time, he decided to reimagine Lilo’s appearance, resulting in a cute image that retained all of the character’s main traits.


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“10 Cute Kids I Humanized,” Diao wrote.

The artist also showed what other famous characters would look like. To create them, he relies on the help of artificial intelligence and Photoshop to model their faces and looks.

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