The REASONS why Luis Miguel bans Michelle Salas marriage to

The REASONS why Luis Miguel bans Michelle Salas’ marriage to Danilo Díaz

A few days ago, Osmel Sousa, a contestant of The House of Famous 3 and also known as “the Beauty Czar”, announced that the daughter of Luis Miguel She will marry her boyfriend Danielo DiazIt seems, however, that the Sun of Mexico wasn’t as amused by the news because prohibits bliss Marriage for the following Reasons.

Michelle Salas maintains a loving relationship with the young businessman Danielo Diaz since 2016. After several years of courting and supporting each other in their respective careers, the great opportunity that exists Marriage and it would be in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, according to Osmel Sousa, who confirms speaking to him about it Michelle Halls before entering La Casa de los Famosos 3, the same reason he plans to leave the reality show, as he assures that he will attend the ceremony.

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Reasons why Luis Miguel forbids his daughter’s marriage

The “beauty tsarina” knows several international celebrities, especially from the fashion world, such as the eldest daughter of Louis Miguel, and during the program La Casa de los Famosos 3 he had a conversation with other reality show participants about the Marriage from Michelle Salas with Danielo Diaz and commented that the celebration will take place in June or July. From this, the rumors are that the performer of “The Unconditional” is angry with his daughter and prohibits The Marriage between her and the young businessman as she deems him unworthy.

The YouTube channel called Chacaleo was responsible for spreading this disgust on the part of the public Luis Miguel And prohibits the wedding for the following ReasonsWell, apparently the Sun of Mexico would think that the businessman “is little for Michelle” and is no match for his family Michelle Salas She is the daughter of one of Mexico’s most recognized singers and belongs to one of the most powerful and nationally influential dynasties on her mother’s side, in addition to the fact that she certainly hoped that her daughter would have “a better life prospect”, with who she was to share her life with, however, Chacaleo’s account did not reveal if the Marriage It’s official because the couple haven’t talked about it yet.