1705819710 The return of Jordi Evole this time with C Tangana

The return of Jordi Évole, this time with C. Tangana, and four other things to see on TV today

“Lo de Évole” returns with C. Tangana

The sixth, 9:25 p.m

The fifth season of Lo de Évole begins with its host Jordi Évole spending a week with C. Tangana on the Amalfi Coast (Italy), delving into the musician's moment of transition in this report entitled Lo de Pucho. who wants to devote himself to film directing and who is driven by his need to go beyond and do things that are worthwhile.

“The Three Days of the Condor”

Movistar Classics, October 15th

Three Days of the Condor. USA, 1975 (117 minutes). Director: Sydney Pollack. Actors: Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway.

Robert Redford, in “The Three Days of the Condor.”Robert Redford, in “The Three Days of the Condor.”

Pollack delivered his most memorable films in the 1970s. This great thriller, dark and bitter, traces the sordid adventures of a humble CIA officer who accidentally discovers certain criminal activities and is confronted with the destruction of his convictions.

Tequila, in the “Essentials”

The 2nd, 9:30 p.m

When Ariel Rot and Alejo Stivel arrived in Madrid from Argentina in 1976, no one could have imagined that they would have such a profound influence on Spanish rock. Two years later, together with three other rockers, they founded the legendary band Tequila, which swept rock'n'roll across the town square from the start. This documentary celebrates the group's 30th anniversary and analyzes its legacy.

“The Law of the Sea”

1 p.m., 10 p.m

Álex Monner, Ramón Ródenas, Víctor Clavijo and Luis Tosar, in a picture of “The Law of the Sea” provided by the production company.Álex Monner, Ramón Ródenas, Víctor Clavijo and Luis Tosar, in a picture of “The Law of the Sea” provided by the production company.

This miniseries starring Luis Tosar and Blanca Portillo reconstructs the history of the fishing boat Francisco y Catalina, which in 2006 was the first European ship to rescue a group of sub-Saharan immigrants in international waters of the Mediterranean. They had to wait on the boat for nine days at the gate of Valletta, the capital of Malta, for a diplomatic solution.

“Confessions of a Girl Band”

TCM. 22.55

Foxfire. France, 2012 (143 minutes). Director: Laurent Cantet. Cast: Raven Adamson, Katie Coseni.

It's always a good time to see a film by Laurent Cantet, a filmmaker who has one of the best radars for detecting what's happening and an extraordinary talent for explaining it. For this occasion, he adapts a novel by Joyce Carol Oates, which describes how in a small working-class town in the USA in the 1950s, a group of teenage girls founded a female secret society called Foxfire. The gang agrees to live by their rules and laws no matter what.

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