quotThe rival to beat is Liceyquot the 3 key points

"The rival to beat is Licey": the 3 key points Sharks need to strengthen to win the 2024 Caribbean Series

Come on Sharks of La Guiara The goal is to win this Caribbean Series 2024, a title that has eluded Venezuela since 2009, the day Tigres de Aragua took home the crown. However, after being dominant in the 2023-24 LVBP, the challenge becomes even greater as they will now face the best teams in the region as well as the current monarchs, the Tigres del Licey. Any team that stands before her will come out with the knife between their teeth.

For this reason, the journalist Daniel Parraof Sports Venezuela, recognized the key points that Tiburones must improve to make history in the tournament.

Sharks of La Guaira Caribbean SeriesTiburones defeated Cardenales 4-1 in the LVBP final to advance to the 2024 Caribbean Series. Photo: Tiburones

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What does Tiburones de La Guaira need to improve in the 2024 Caribbean Series?

This is an open secret the pitching ensures championships in baseball. For this reason, Daniel Parra explains that Tiburones de La Guaira needs to strengthen its strength Bullpen. “Last series the relief pitching failed a little bit, especially in the 7th, 8th and even 9th innings. Even the starting pitching failed. The only one that came to light was Ricardo Pinto, but the rest were more or less there, “less,” he said.

The Cardenales didn't know how to exploit such a shaky pitch, but the same fate won't always befall the Tiburones in the 2024 Caribbean Series. “You will be playing against batsmen with a lot of power and experience. That's why you need pitching. They're short games because if you lose two, bye. “Beyond offense, pitching is essential to achieving victories,” Parra emphasized.

However, The shortstop position should also be strengthenedsaid Parra. “Brayan Rocchio has had an excellent season, but sometimes he makes mistakes. In one of the games in the LVBP final he tried to grab a ball and it got in his way,” commented the communicator.

1706586145 425 quotThe rival to beat is Liceyquot the 3 key pointsThe Dominican Republic wants to retain its crown with the Tigres del Licey in the 2024 Caribbean Series. Photo: Caribbean Series

If, on the other hand, La Guaira cannot count on Maikel García, Yasiel Puig and Harold Ramírez for the Caribbean Series, it will be providential Bring in a consistent hitter. “A power hitter like Hernán Pérez or Ildemaro Vargas would be an important figure who could help. Tiburones needs the batsman to react and score runs,” explained Parra.

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Which team is the best candidate to win the 2024 Caribbean Series?

For Sports Venezuela journalist Daniel Parra, the Tigres del Licey are the top candidates to win the Caribbean Series again. “They will look for it two-time championship. They are the team to beat. “It is a team that is strengthening very well, that has a lot of experience and tradition in baseball,” he commented.

Nevertheless, with the eventual arrival of Ronald Acuña Jr., Tiburones de La Guaira would be a serious rival for Parra. “The strength is their power. When they have all their strength, they will be a team to be afraid of,” he stressed.