The Rock returned to WWE for a reason and it39s

The Rock returned to WWE for a reason, and it's not because he “misses wrestling,” says the 54 year old veteran PRWrestling

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The Rock returned to WWE on the January 1, 2024 edition of Monday Night RAW and had an electrifying match against his cousin Roman Reigns. The People's Champion dropped the “Boss of Table” reference, sparking speculation of a family feud for the ages.

Now, Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has assessed the situation and shed light on the driving force behind Dwayne Johnson's return to the Stamford-based promotion.

Speaking in his “Unique” In his podcast, the legendary 54-year-old wrestler suggested that The Great One's return was neither a desperate search for the spotlight nor the fact that he missed wrestling.

Rob Van Dam mentioned that The Rock's return was a strategic move based on family ties and unwavering support for The Bloodline and Roman Reigns.

“The Bloodline is or has taken control and The Rock is coming to support that. That's why he's coming back. He won't be back because he misses wrestling. He won't return because he has to get back in the ring in a bad way. It's not like making so much money and making movies exhausts him and he has to get in the ring and hit his elbows and knees or anything like that. “He comes to support his family and reward them by attracting the attention of the Bloodline, the money and everything that comes with it, to rise in the industry hierarchy to Roman Reigns because they are cousins,” Van Dam said.

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The Rock praises Jinder Mahal for his confrontation on WWE RAW: Day 1

As mentioned above, Dwayne Johnson interrupted Jinder Mahal's anti-American ad, after which he verbally and physically beat the Canadian star.

The wrestler recently took to his social media and mentioned the confrontation with the Modern Maharaja before applying the iconic People's Elbow in the ring. The Rock noted that he was overwhelmed by the reaction from the WWE Universe and said it was great to shake things up with Mahal. called it “a million dollars.”

“I am eternally grateful that I can go out and not only engage with the audience, but also be in the middle of the ring and rock with whoever is dancing. The guy here tonight, Jinder Mahal. The guy is a stud. It looks like a million dollars. It was great mixing it with him. Dropping these people's elbows. “It was a really special evening,” he said. he said.

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