The Roy Effect on Islanders Players

The Roy Effect on Islanders Players

EAST RUTHERFORD | Journalists who follow the Islanders have talked about big changes since the arrival of Patrick Roy. The players say the same thing.

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“He certainly brings a different mentality,” said Jean-Gabriel Pageau after training on Thursday afternoon. He is very good at recognizing our playing style and he tries to get the best out of each player. He's trying to revive an identity that we had perhaps lost for several years, which was to work hard and never let go, and that has shaped us to be successful.”

What Pageau and his teammates like about Roy is that he doesn't rise from the fray, something he could easily do given his position and status. Roy prefers to fit in with the group.

“One thing he made clear from day one was that he was part of our team, that we worked with him, that we were all together. “When he makes us do hard exercises, it's not to make us sweat “It’s about work, but about work, and he wants to help us so that we can work together.”


Patrick Roy has always been known for his openness and fiery character. However, since arriving with the Islanders, he has been calm, collected and patiently answering all questions.

Rumors among local journalists say that there is a bet as to which of them will provoke his first wrath. The fact is that we feel like Roy is in control and calm. Jean-Gabriel Pageau also talks about his qualities as a communicator, which we didn't necessarily suspect.

“He's a very good communicator, he's intense and you can see how passionately he speaks, it comes from the heart and the players appreciate that because we feel like it's true and that there's no gray area.” We always have the right time and we like that.”

This is undoubtedly the greatest compliment a player can give his coach.


We talked about Roy's resume, which speaks for itself. Let's say he inspires respect.

“We always have respect for coaches, but it's for sure when you have someone who has won everything, you know how passionate he is, how competitive he is and how a winner he is. “It’s something you take into account as a player,” admits Pageau.

Alexander Romanov almost has stars in his eyes when we ask him to tell us his favorite way to play for Roy.

“He is an incredible coach and we must take advantage of the opportunity to have him because he is a good example of a man who has achieved everything in hockey.”

A winner

Jean-Gabriel Pageau got to know Roy as an opposing coach in the QMJHL and NHL, and while he can't tell us anything about the man's development over the years, he does notice one thing that can't be denied.

“If I remember correctly, he always had good teams, winning teams, hard-working teams. His teams have had success and I can understand why. I'm really happy to play for him, as I'm sure most players are.

From then on, everyone seems happy, even if the efforts and changes have not yet fully paid off.

“With a new coach there are always adjustments to be made, the system has changed, but I think the guys have embraced what he offers and we see the difference in our time holding the puck and that is a great confidence “The team and I only see positive things,” said Pageau.

“He talks a lot, he did everything he wanted and I think the boys responded well. We are starting to feel the changes,” added captain Anders Lee.