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The school puts bars in the bathrooms and creates a revolt among parents; understand Note competitions Brazil

The internet is full of them angry reports and disputed with the most diverse directions. Such is the case of a group of parents who were outraged to find that a change had been made to their children’s school. They learned that bars were installed in the prison’s bathrooms.

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The reason given by the school was to prevent students from using the school toilets in unauthorized situations. According to the information, the installation of the bars in the bathrooms caused many people to move away.

Bars on bathroom doors trigger parental anger

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The name of the school involved in the controversy after installing bars in the bathrooms is Discovery Academy. It is located in the West Midlands region of England. The site administration installed bathroom doors to prevent students from using the site outside of designated hours.

Parents were outraged by the attitude, especially when they learned their children could only use the school toilets during recess and lunchtime. For example, one of the mothers said that her son has a medical certificate proving the need to go to the toilet several times a day and constantly.

The people’s protests are meant to put pressure on the school to deviate from its bad attitude.

Reasons create discussions

Some parents believe the bars in school toilets were put up to deter vandalism or to curb cell phone use. Whatever the motivation, the truth is that the sense of humiliation was common to all involved.

Mothers of girls were even more outraged as they have special needs that force them to go to the toilet outside of the allotted time. Imagine having a bleed in the middle of the room and being prevented from going to the bathroom?

The school administration did not say when the gates will be open, only saying they were placed to encourage use within the correct area.