The seniors of Lampy at the General Assembly in Raissac-sur-Lampy –

The General Assembly of the Seniors of Lampy took place on Tuesday 14th

February in the municipal foyer in the presence of the first mayor of the municipality, André Bonnet. A special day due to the dissolution of the board of directors precedes the vote.

The Dean of the Board of Directors, Michèle Germa, informed about the composition of the future Board of Directors. Marie-Thérèse Martinez, President for 20 years, who wanted to take a step back, did not apply and did not fail to thank for the support. After the election, the Board of Directors was composed as follows : Honorary President, the Mayor ; President, Christian Combes ; Vice President, Christian Serrano ; Treasurer, Alberic Mallet ; Assistant Catherine Motte ; Secretary, Brigitte Mallet ; Assistant Michele Germa. members : Anne-Marie Combes and Fernande Serrano.

Christian Combes presented the upcoming activities, including : Belote on Wednesdays at 8 p.m H 30 in the meeting room until 15 June; the pig festival on the 11th and 12th march in the multipurpose room; a 1 or 2 day excursion (date to be determined); the farmer’s meal in mid-May; sardinade on the 13th July at the stadium; a dinner show in late September/early October in the multipurpose room; End of December lottery multi-purpose hall; and New Year’s Eve. A trip lasting several days, possibly to Italy, is planned for the second semester !

budget constraints

After reading the financial report, it was accepted. The city council took the opportunity to congratulate the new board on the continuity of the grants, despite the budgetary constraints. The new office wanted to thank Maïté Martinez for her 20-year presidency by presenting a painting and a bouquet of flowers. A convivial meal was enjoyed along with grills and assortments and an exquisite local pastry.