The son of this very famous singer will perform this

The son of this very famous singer will perform this Sunday at La Voix – 7 Days

This Sunday, at The voicethe second round of blind auditions will take place. While we'll likely see more amazing performances, one contestant is already attracting particular attention because he's the son of a well-known singer here.

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At the end of last Sunday's episode, we could already see an excerpt of what awaits us in the next episode of the music competition.

In this excerpt the trainer Mario Pelchat announced loud and clear that the son of Paul Daraiche was taken on stage, followed by images of smiling singer Contry.

Although we haven't seen a picture of the performance, we know it is true Dan Daraichewho also contributed to his father's album entitled “My favorite house”.

We can say that music for the Daraîche is a family affair, as Émilie, Paul's daughter, released her first album in 2020. It was also Mario Pelchat who signed the lyrics of the first excerpt from the album, Remember.

Is that it Dan Daraiche will be part of the La Voix adventure? To be continued on Sunday, January 28th!

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