1677412830 The sound of Dodges electric car

The sound of Dodge’s electric car exhaust

Dodge earlier this month unveiled what it calls an enhanced version of the man-made exhaust sound from its Charger Daytona SRT electric muscle car, which will go on sale in 2024.

Recall that the concept was presented for the first time in August 2022. Dodge, wanting nothing to do with launching a boring electric vehicle, outfitted it with an external sound device called the Fratzonic, which replicates an exhaust system whose roar can reach 126 decibels, equivalent to a V8 Hellcat.

Many lay people were not very convinced when they heard it. The company used the last SEMA show in Las Vegas in November to show the car again and gather more feedback to make adjustments.

Now there is:

Let’s assume the rider in this video isn’t pushing the machine hard, but it’s still an interesting preview.

According to CEO Tim Kuniskis, the Dodge team has tweaked the car’s sound hundreds of times and will continue to work on it until they arrive at a satisfactory result that meets the expectations of Dodge enthusiasts.

What do you think? Is it close enough to a petrol V8? One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to hear it in person!

The sound of Dodges electric car

Photo: Dodge

Up to 670 hp … and more

Since the concept was unveiled at SEMA, Dodge has spoken of nine performance options. With a 400-volt electrical system, the basic electric motor has an output of 340 kW (456 hp), otherwise 370 kW (496 hp) with the eStage 1 package and 400 kW (536 hp) with the eStage 2 package kW (590 hp), increases then to 470 kW (630 hp) with the eStage 1 package and 500 kW (670 hp) with the eStage 2 package.

That’s not all, because as announced last summer, Dodge also wants to offer an 800-volt electrical system called Banshee. Here, too, three power levels will be possible, but we don’t know them yet. Please understand that all the numbers listed above are subject to change by the time the production model is launched.

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