The source changes its name again

The source changes its name (again).

The former RadioShack stores, which became La Source stores in Canada in 2005, will change their brand image again and become Best Buy Express.

Best Buy Canada and Bell Canada have announced that they have entered into a partnership that will see the American retailer operate 165 Bell-owned La Source stores. The name and image change is planned for the second half of 2024.

In the eyes of the electronics retailer, which is used to large-scale stores, the partnership will above all allow it to expand its presence in Canada.

“We take great pride in our store experience and these updated small stores are sure to attract new and existing Best Buy customers,” added Ron Wilson, president of Best Buy Canada, in a press release.

The new Best Buy Express will sell electronic products already sold by the chain, in addition to its exclusive offering of Bell telecommunications products.


However, the change means nearly half of the La Source stores still open in Canada will close their doors, the Globe and Mail reported, noting that Bell Canada has nearly 300 La Source stores nationwide.

About fifty years ago, RadioShack electronics stores came to Canada and quickly spread across the country.

In 2005, the stores in Canada changed their name to The Source when their operator, InterTAN, lost the right to use the RadioShack name north of the border. At that time, the chain had around 900 stores in Canada.

Four years later, Bell Canada acquired approximately 750 La Source stores, a number that has continued to decline since then.