The star of quotEmily in Parisquot Ashley Park is recovering

The star of "Emily in Paris" Ashley Park is recovering after an illness "critical septic shock"

(CNN) – Ashley Park is focusing on being “grateful” after experiencing a serious medical emergency over the holidays.

“During the New Year's holidays in December, what started as tonsillitis turned into critical septic shock, infecting and affecting several of my organs,” the 32-year-old “Emily in Paris” actress wrote on her verified Instagram on Friday.

Park added that despite initial statements, his health had “improved.”

The actress thanked her “Emily” co-star and partner Paul Forman, who appears in some of the photos and videos Park apparently shared of her time in the hospital, for supporting her “unconditionally” during the health crisis Page stood.

“You calmed my fears and carried me through ambulances, three foreign hospitals, a week in intensive care, horrific emergencies, countless scans and tests and injections, excruciating pain and so much confusion while we were alone on the other side of the world from those we know,” he wrote. “I love you, Paul. More than I can express.”

Park is known for playing singer Mindy in the Netflix series alongside Lily Collins.

The “Joy Ride” star also praised Joali Being, considered a wellness island in the Madivas, “for responding immediately” and “being available to provide language translation and life support.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, septic shock is the final and most serious phase of sepsis. Sepsis is essentially the body overreacting to an infection, which can cause organs to stop functioning. In 2020, The Lancet magazine reported that sepsis was responsible for one in five deaths worldwide. Both sepsis and septic shock require immediate treatment.