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The 4 strangest innovations of CES 2024 (Source: WeHead)The 4 strangest innovations of CES 2024 (Source: WeHead)

A wide range of gadgets were showcased at CES 2024, from industry giants to startups, with both innovative and unconventional products. While some of these items may seem unusual or unexpected, it is important to recognize that the term “bizarre” in this context does not diminish their potential value or innovativeness. Below are 4 of the strangest products at CES 2024.

Unveiled at CES 2024, WeHead GPT Edition represents a new approach to interacting with AI, transforming ChatGPT into a physical form. This device features a mannequin-like design with integrated screens and is intended to provide a more immersive and interactive AI experience.

During the demonstration, WeHead's GPT edition displayed robotic voices similar to those of the original Siri, rather than the advanced, realistic voices of contemporary chatbots. The device's design, which uses multiple screens to form a composite face, gives its presentation a distinctive, if somewhat unusual, look.

Designed as an idea generation and brainstorming tool, the WeHead GPT Edition impresses with its unconventional design. Although its practical utility remains to be proven, this product certainly represents a unique entry into the world of artificial intelligence devices.

For those interested, WeHead, powered by ChatGPT, costs $5,000.

To learn more about the impact of AI on businesses, check out “The AI ​​​​Innovator: ChatGPT and the Stories of Business Success,” currently available on Amazon. This book complements WeHead's innovation and explores how AI is transforming the industry.

Kohler's newest offering in 2024, the PureWash E930 bidet seat, bringing smart technology to the bathroom. Priced at 1,289, this device combines luxury and innovation. It features a heated seat, a “Boost” mode for stronger water pressure and a night light for added comfort.

The most notable feature is the voice activation feature, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to control features like spray, dryer, and a UV cleaning system hands-free. This integration of voice control into bathroom appliances represents a significant advancement in home automation technology.

Kohler PureWash E930 – A bidet for talking (Source: Kohler)Kohler PureWash E930 – A bidet for talking (Source: Kohler)

At CES 2024, Skyted introduced its innovative Silent Mask, which reduces sound by 25 decibels, enabling private telephone conversations even in public spaces.

Equipped with a microphone, the mask can be connected to phones or laptops via Bluetooth or a cable connection and has audio jacks for input and output. This feature allows users to hear themselves and others clearly during a call. Despite a small breathability issue during testing, the prototype proved effective at muffling conversations to the point where they couldn't be heard by anyone nearby.

The Skyted Bluetooth Silent Mask is priced at $299 on Kickstarter and is expected to rise to $799 after launch. It offers a practical solution for maintaining privacy, whether discussing confidential matters or answering business calls on public transport.

Baracoda introduced BMind at CES 2024, calling it the world's first AI-powered smart mirror dedicated to mental wellness. This innovative mirror uses AI, natural language processing and computer vision to analyze the user's mood based on their gestures, expressions and sounds. BMind offers interactive features such as chat, guided meditation, personal affirmations and light therapy sessions aimed at managing stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Unlike traditional phone apps, BMind integrates into the bathroom, allowing users to assess their mental state and perform recommended exercises to improve their mood. It non-invasively collects data and promotes daily mindfulness practice.

It runs on CareOS, a versatile platform that accelerates the creation of smart mirrors and supports third-party apps. BMind integrates services such as ThrivePal, an AI coach for personalized self-improvement, and Inclusive Brains, which combines AI with neurophysiology for real-time mood adjustment.

Baracoda BMind – The first AI-powered smart mirror (Source: Baracoda)Baracoda BMind – The first AI-powered smart mirror (Source: Baracoda)Triet LeNinh DuyTranslator: Ninh Ngoc Duy – Editorial Assistant – ​​362559 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2008

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