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The three liberal amigos |

Even in these times of nostalgia for the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), I will be heartless, naughty, and condescending in this column.

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I would like to address the three amigos, Liberal MEPs who are too interested in the leadership of their party: Marc Tanguay, André Fortin and Monsef Derraji.

Señores, you must and are seeking a solution to the misery of your political formation. They’re desperately looking for the address of the Court of Miracles. I pray for you!

But here we also understand that you are wondering if the PLQ’s stroke remedy might not penetrate you somewhere. And just thinking about it makes you blush with ambition.

We’re guessing you’d see your name at the top of the poster, and you even fancy some sort of phone call… Of course!

You say why not me?

The three liberal amigos


André Fortin, MP for Pontiac

See for example PSPP to which you rely.

It’s true, the guy didn’t even start a few months ago. I myself had written during the campaign that the Parti Québécois needed to be saved, like Private Ryan.

We needed an outsider, we like that, we in Quebec and we voted for him, PSPP and it lasts.

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Monsef Derraji, MP for Nelligan

We’ve since forgotten that he was worse than the worst electoral performance in PQ history. That he was elected MP by some butt QS candidate thanks to some bullshit. That all his party MPs have been wiped off the political planet except for two whose victories are entirely personal and with whom he has nothing to do.

As a Sovereignist friend reiterates, “It’s cute now, but we’re not going to make a country with it. »

And you remind me of Mr. Duhaime, who started from scratch.

Maybe, but currently he has been in the dog box for several seasons, the drag queen buster. Even at the end of his chain, barking to choking, not sure the audience will follow, as will the cameras.

We’ll see in four years if its relative success was incidental and pandemic. And remember that he ate a cursed volley in the riding of Chauveau, in the heart of Gérard Deltell’s conservative kingdom.

Yes, I understand that you are dreaming about it, the little ones, but you will have to step on the gas in a moment.

But you won’t, at least not now, I can feel it my rascals! Because you are feverish and believe in your lucky star. It’s always the same story…

I can even see your strategy from here.

You might choose to make noise, flap your wings, and blow the wind. In fact, they are trying to intimidate other potential candidates, grrrrr! Especially those coming from outside your caucus.

Because the candidates from outside are known to want as little trouble as possible and preferably to be crowned.

At the same time, you can zigzag your party’s authorities, allowing a leadership campaign to unfold faster.

Again, external candidates don’t like to be pushed around on time, and you know it all too well.

Because otherwise, when the Legault government begins to weaken and starts falling in the polls, we’ll start talking about an alternative. And that’s where the candidates will develop an appetite for leadership in your party.

Very bad news for you, you must prevent this from happening.

Otherwise you will likely miss the opportunity of a lifetime and Quebec, a great leader he didn’t see coming. Another historic missed opportunity for us. I don’t know how we could manage without you, but if necessary we will try to survive.

No seriously! The truth is you are in bad shape and I don’t see how that can change for your party without tension coming from outside your pews. Unless a winning ticket with an extra ends up in your huddle. Just let yourself be surprised!

And the CAQ, like Zeus, the god of lightning, hit hard in the last election. At some point it will quietly wither away, this supremacy, but not in two weeks.

Well, it’s okay to set up a committee to test you, to think about who you are: “Save my soul,” as Luc De Larochellière sings.

But if I were the PLQ, I would wait for the political skies to clear before taking the lead.

So, for the common good, it would be nice if you kept your ranks, gentlemen. There are things called charisma and timing, and without wishing to belittle you, in your case it remains to be proved…

Yes, ambition is legitimate, but there are limits. That limit is reached when we remember that universal mistake politicians make, which is to overestimate themselves.

I’m an incorrigible party breaker.

So try changing the frequency and landing. Otherwise you could be much more useful.

No hard feelings guys!

Between us

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