1707218060 The Tiger is not silent

The “Tiger” is not silent

The Tiger is not silent

After the appointment of Ricardo Gareca as coach of the Chilean team, the Argentine has been criticized for agreeing to coach the “Bicolor” rivals. The “Tigre” spoke about this and about the meeting that “La Roja” will hold with the Peruvian team for the first date of the 2024 Copa América.

“From what I have seen in a few days, it seems to me that the rivalry with Chile is more from the Peruvians to the Chileans than the other way around… I would say that the Chilean has great affection for the Peruvians,” the coach said to Latina Television.

On the other hand, Gareca told how he decided to accept the offer from Chile: “So much time has passed, they showed a lot of interest in hiring us, we liked the way they spoke to us, the intentions they had “, he explained after reiterating why he did not continue negotiations with the FPF at the time.

“The president (Agustín Lozano) and the sports director Juan Carlos (Oblitas) must answer the reasons why I left. They understood that they had to negotiate this way, and I understood that this was not the way to negotiate. So we ended the negotiations. I didn't want to know anything anymore and ran because it was happening in a way that didn't suit me.

Regarding the option of returning to Peruvian football, he said that he had been contacted but that he ruled out the possibility of reaching first division clubs in 2024 because his goal was to change his work scenario. “They hire you and you have to do your job. I wish Peru the best, but I will do everything to ensure Chile achieves its goals. May it reach the Peruvian players the way it reached the Peruvian players. I have great expectations and admiration because we have competed against each other several times and they have always been close, stressful games.”