The time Paul Houde sawed off Renaud Lavoie39s legs

The time Paul Houde sawed off Renaud Lavoie's legs

Like many members of the Quebec media landscape, Renaud Lavoie is saddened by the death of Paul Houde.

He also talked about how tested he was before Saturday's clash between the Canadiens and the Lightning.

“I called Pierre, his brother, and left him a message. I'll be honest, it was hard for me to speak because I was so sad about this news. Like everyone else, it's an incredible shock. Paul has had a huge impact on the media world. He influenced people in every way possible.”

The TVA Sports journalist also told a tasty anecdote that shows all of Paul Houde's knowledge.

“At the beginning of the season the first preparatory games took place in Australia. I had to teach a little lesson about the importance of hockey in Australia. I told him that there was a trophy that had been donated to Australia and was in the Hall of Fame in Toronto. He knew the name of the cup and the teams that won it. I couldn't believe anyone in Quebec knew about this. He completely sawed off my legs. I couldn’t believe he knew so much about Australian hockey.”

Watch the segment in question in the video above.