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The transformation of Dayana Mendoza: from Miss Universe to an ardent religious woman La Patilla

The transformation of Dayana Mendoza from Miss Universe to anDayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008. Photo credit: Vivien Killilea | Getty Images

Venezuelan Dayana Mendoza won Miss Universe in 2008 and became one of the organization's most successful beauty queens. During her reign, Donald Trump owned the company, which gave the model deep insight into the business world.

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However, after ending her experience as a miss, the businesswoman was no longer as interested in continuing to make a living in the world of entertainment and her life took a big turn when she dedicated herself to Christianity.

On her social networks, where she has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, Dayana Mendoza constantly shares content dedicated to religion.

Recently, he has also been seen in videos preaching the Word and sending various messages with great fervor.

One of the recent publications shows him in a church and stands out for the way he speaks, which surprised many since a strong change was observed in his life.

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On social networks, the comments on his publications are varied, with some cheering that he has now committed himself to Christianity, others saying that he has succumbed to fanaticism.

Messages seen for her include: “The smartest Venezuelan Miss Universe I have ever met and now with the wisdom of God.” Blessings, Dayana,” “Dayana has always been a different woman who conveys happiness , leave her alone.” “She has changed and is devoting her life to what brings her peace.”

“Very good, but why do they talk like that?” “Oh no, how unpleasant it is to see someone who has to shout to evangelize, because if they don't shout, the message doesn't get through.” Is that so?” were other opinions that were read.

The change in the life of Dayana Mendoza

In September 2022, the Venezuelan conducted an interview with journalist Luis Olavarrieta in which she recalled her time at Miss Venezuela, her triumph at Miss Universe and also spoke of the affection that has been shown to her for years.

The communicator asked her how she reacts to those who consider her the most successful Venezuelan Miss Universe, to which she replied: “I try, Luis, not to listen to it too much because I don't want to be confused about who I really am am, I value people's affection so much and value it very much. It's a gift, a blessing to feel all the love and respect from so many people, but I don't want to feel praised for putting myself in a position about something, I think we are all human and we shouldn't idolize anyone. In my heart, the only one I can praise and idolize is Almighty God.”

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