1709420073 The triangle in America where more than 20000 people have

The triangle in America where more than 20,000 people have disappeared: it's not the one in Bermuda

In a vast, cold region of North America, a mystery of disappearance lurks in one of the most remote corners. In this case, our focus will not be on the famous area in Bermuda, but on a similar phenomenon in the United States: the Alaska Triangle. With more than 20,000 missing people in the last few decades, this area is between Juneau, Anchorage and Barrowcontinues to confuse experts and the curious alike.

Out of Planes that disappear without a trace until Tourists who never return from their adventuresDisappear within the Alaska Triangle They are generally attributed to the extreme climatic conditions; However, the frequency of these events has given rise to theories that go beyond traditional explanations.

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The Alaska Triangle: What is its history?

Interest in the Alaska Triangle began to increase in 1972 after a plane on board went missing Thomas Hale Boggs, Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives. Despite an extensive search spanning more than 32,000 square miles, The plane and passengers were never found.. It was then that authorities learned that this would be neither the first nor the last case, as in 1950 a plane with 44 crew members also disappeared without a trace. Since then, the number of people and vehicles missing in the area has continued to rise, defying any rational explanation and adding to the mystery of the area.

Alaska Triangle |  strange places in the world |  Disappearances in the Alaska Triangle |  USAAlaska is located in the northwest of the USA and is the largest state in the country. Photo: Aaska Range

In 1990, a pilot, co-pilot and four passengers suffered the same fate in the Alaska Triangle, never to be heard from. But in 1998 two Argentine climbers found the plane British South American Airways (BSAA) Lancastrian 3 Star Dustmwhich disappeared in 1947.

Alaska Triangle |  strange places in the world |  Disappearances in the Alaska Triangle |  USAThe missing plane found in the Alaska Triangle in 1947 was destined for Santiago, Chile. Photo: British aircraft.

Where is the Alaska Triangle?

He Alaska Triangle It is an area of ​​500,000 square kilometers that connects the three points of the cities Juneau (capital), Barrow and Anchorage. This area is also known as the “Alaska-Bermuda Triangle.”

Alaska Triangle |  strange places in the world |  Disappearances in the Alaska Triangle |  USABetween the 1940s and 1990s, the planes that flew over it disappeared into this mysterious region. Photo: FIMG

Why do so many people disappear in the Alaska Triangle?

The environmental conditions within the Alaska Triangle and its high snow-capped mountains cause the planes flying over them to be unable to maneuver properly, causing them to speed and crash. On the other hand, it belongs in this area USA Magnetic anomalies have also been reported to affect travelers' compass, causing them to become disoriented and lost. The latter have a very difficult time surviving for the reasons mentioned above, similar to the story of “Snow Society”, a film based on an accident in the Andes.

What happens to the missing people in the Alaska Triangle?

Despite intensive searches and investigations, most people disappear inside Alaska Triangle They will never be found. Some theories suggest that the harsh subzero temperatures coupled with the presence of glaciers and ice fields could ultimately lead to this Hide the lifeless bodies of the missing. In addition, the lack of concrete leads due to the difficult investigations in this area means that families and authorities are sometimes forever without a concrete answer.

Alaska Triangle |  strange places in the world |  Disappearances in the Alaska Triangle |  USAThe rate of enforced disappearances in the Alaska Triangle far exceeds what could be expected from these natural conditions since 1988 16,000 are missing and it is estimated that there are more than in history 20,000. Photo: Andrea Kuui

The Alaska Triangle and its conspiracy theories

This is beyond natural explanations Alaska Triangle It has been the center of numerous conspiracy theories and supernatural stories. From alien abductions to encounters with mythical creatures like Bigfoot, the stories surrounding this area are as diverse as they are fascinating. In addition, the presence of magnetic anomaliesThis has led some to speculate about space vortices and portals to other dimensions.

Alaska Triangle |  strange places in the world |  Disappearances in the Alaska Triangle |  USAWithout a doubt, the mystery surrounding the Alaska Triangle is one of the most fascinating in the entire United States. Photo: Daily Digest