Lowen still winless at home

The Trois-Rivières Lions provide an update on their future

Responding to information released the previous day, the Trois-Rivières Lions announced on Friday that despite the city’s formal notice, they will return to the Colisée Videotron to play next season.

The organization commented on a text published by the daily newspaper “Le Nouvelliste” relating to the City Council’s proceedings against Deacon Sports and Entertainment (DSE), the owner of the concession. The whole reported about $600,000 in bad debts resulting from the lease that bound the affected parties to operate the Lions home, adding that rumors of the team’s sale were circulating.

However, the club wanted to be confident about its future. At least he will play on the Trois-Rivières ground next season.

“DSE has repeatedly confirmed that the Lions will remain in Mauricie for several more years. Note that the ECHL requires a financial guarantee from all of its teams in January of each year to ensure their commitment for the upcoming season. DSE has duly provided this guarantee and the 2023-2024 Lions calendar will be unveiled in the coming weeks,” the Lions said in a statement.

As far as the long-term consequences are concerned, you don’t want to make too many compromises.

“DSE would like to reiterate that it is not currently actively seeking new investors for its project. However, for reasons of confidentiality, the organization cannot comment when initiating discussions with third parties regarding such a transaction.

Stay on good terms

The Lions also say they want to maintain a healthy relationship with the city despite the ongoing proceedings. The club, which completed its second year at the ECHL in the spring, would like a positive solution.

“This procedure represents a standard administrative expedient for resolving a contractual dispute. It was done to protect the city’s interests without the intent of terminating the lease or breaching the contract. On the contrary, the interest in maintaining the good relationship that has existed for three years between the city of Trois-Rivières and the dealership remains, as does the position of DSE management on the sale of the team. -on specified. However, the organization, which has invested millions of dollars in the community for many years, will make adjustments to resolve this situation, bringing fans a third season alongside many colorful events at the Videotron Coliseum.”

“It should also be noted that the city has a bank guarantee from DSE for the full amount of their annual rent. Thus, at no time was there a risk that the city would not receive the amount owed.

The city’s general manager, François Vaillancourt, had made a similar statement to the Nouvelliste, noting that the lease to use the Colisée Vidéotron is $435,000 annually and that the debt has increased, particularly in the second year of Lions activity. The latter had signed a five-year contract with Trois-Rivières.

“By exercising this legal remedy, we want to protect the interests of the city above all. There is no attempt to cancel the lease or break the contract. On the contrary, our goal is to maintain the relationship that binds us with DSE and the Trois Rivières franchise,” said Vaillancourt, acknowledging that previous discussions with the team had been futile.