The Trophy of a Lifetime Le Journal de Montreal

The Trophy of a Lifetime – Le Journal de Montréal

As fishermen, we all want to catch beautiful specimens for the battles they fight and for the pride of thwarting them.

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Mohamed Bouti of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, 29, has been wading fish since he was a child. His playground is around Montreal in the pool of water connected to the Saint Lawrence River and its tributaries.

Five years ago his friend Chad taught him the basics of ice fishing and he quickly fell in love with the sport.

Quite a surprise

On February 11, 2023, Moe, as his friends call him, spent the whole day fishing in the Vaudreuil area. He only catches two small pike of 3 to 4 pounds with dead mackerel skewered on double straps with tripod. At around 3:30 p.m., he tiredly began to pick up his submerged polar rods. Suddenly, he notices that the last gang’s flag is up at the end of the line, moving in all directions on the ice surface. He hurries to get on it and finds that the spool is completely unwound.

Here's irrefutable proof from the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame for the record fish Moe caught on February 11th.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Campeau

Here’s irrefutable proof from the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame for the record fish Moe caught on February 11th.

The fight begins and looks difficult. After 20 minutes he spots his opponent and Moe realizes he won’t be able to get him out through his 20cm hole. A bit panicked, he asks a nearby fisherman to use his drill to enlarge the hole so he can get his trophy out later. The operation obviously proved dangerous as he could have severed his 20lb/test braided wire at that moment.


About five minutes later, he plunges his arm into the water up to his shoulder to grab the predator under the jaw. Having very limited vision through the holes in the 18 inch thick ice, he misses his shot and is bitten off by two fingers. Surprised, he pulls out his completely bloodied hand. About ten minutes pass and he tries his luck again with another amateur, finally lifting him out of the water.

The captured predator is a 57-inch long musculo-lunge. Following the usual photos, Moe put it back in the water and held it for more than fifteen minutes until it regained its strength and set off on its own. even.

A record

Amazed by the size of his catch, Mr. Bouti researched and registered it with the prestigious association that officially ranks the world’s largest fish: the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. Two months later, he is amazed to learn that he is the new world record holder for the largest muscle jump ever, caught under the ice and later pardoned.

Congratulations Moe.

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