The truth behind Chiky BomBoms social media success You have

The truth behind Chiky BomBom’s social media success: ‘You have to learn to fight without strength’ LA NACION

Chiky BomBom hasn’t greeted yet and her energy is already palpable, even by a phone call almost from one end to the other of the continent, between the United States and Argentina. She sits in front of the computer and uses the last few minutes to clean herself while the camera comes on to talk about her life, about her professional success “guided by God”, as she puts it, about the promotion of the third season by Woman’s Eyes (E! Entertainment) and even a depressive process that made her contemplate suicide.

At the moment, The Panther is part of the cast of Todaythe successful morning show on Telemundoone of the most important television stations for the Hispanic community in the North American geography.

The conversation begins and less than ten seconds pass before Chiky expresses his signature “Hello, hello!”, a phrase that made her famous on social media during the Covid-19 pandemicMoment he committed to bringing humor and a clear message to his nearly three million followers, especially to women: “You are beautiful just the way you are. You are valuable. You are powerful and no one wants to convince you otherwise”. She doesn’t know, but at a time when temperatures are falling in Buenos Aires in the face of winter, Her voice brings warmth.

Chiky BomBom, whose first name is Lissette Eduardo is a Dominican by birth but grew up in New York. At 33, he has a large digital community, not just in Latin America but around the world. He started producing content on Facebook in 2015 and five years later, in the midst of a pandemic, his Instagram account exploded with millions of followers who, isolated in their homes, dared to stand in front of the cellphone or computer camera and mimic his choreographies and their phrases.

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Chiky BomBom motivates her followers through her social networks

It’s hard to imagine someone who, strolling through social media, wouldn’t come across the statement: “I can, I deserve it, yes. I have the personality and I do what I want with it.”. With the same energy and deep desire to live, she shared what motivates her in a dialogue with LA NACION.

How did you go from the courage to post videos of yourself on social media to the reach you have today?

-I’m in a dream. I don’t want to be woken up. I don’t even know what to tell you because I haven’t had time to sit down and process it. For me it has been an absolute blessing and I break down barriers because God wanted it that way. I’m not looking for anything at all, because everything comes.

On this and other occasions you often mention God. Is faith a constant in your life?

God is my manager. They’re interviewing me now, but it’s thanks to him that this is happening. He’s my chief manager, managing my career, my life, everything. With him everything. Nothing without him. The day I let go of his hand, all the wonderful things I give to you, the people, end.

When you think about the success you are having today, how does it feel to be inside? The 25 Most Powerful Women of 2023 by people in spanish, announced in March?

-It feels great. I don’t really like giving myself a hype [alardear]. I think I’m a bit of a strange person because I don’t believe what’s happening to me. It’s like I didn’t wake up from that dream. Every time something happens to me, I say, “I only dedicate it to the public, to my cybernetic family.”

According to People en Español magazine Instagram/@chikybombomreal, Chiky BomBom has been named one of the 25 most powerful women

I feel like everything that happens to me is that young people, women, who wanted to try something and threw in the towel, at some point they look at me like a mirror and they say: “If she does it, I can do it too”.

I believe nothing. I want women to say, when they see the “mighty 25” list, “I can be there.” Nothing is far, nothing is difficult. Everything is possible”.

In your experience and in your way, what does it take to motivate people to believe in their own abilities and to say: “I can”?

-There are several ingredients. The first is Above all, believe in yourself. You will always find “small stones”, but it is important to believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter if your family or friends support you as long as you believe it can be done.

Then, one must learn to fight without strength. Because it’s not easy either. success hurts. People think everything is beautiful. I’ve wanted to go there for a long time, but I received many “nos” and countless doors remained closed to me. There were times when I got tired, when I thought about throwing in the towel, when I wondered if I was doing it right. I doubted myself too, but these little angels always appeared and told me: “God is with you and everything is possible”.

Lissette Eduardo, better known as Chiky BomBomCourtesy of Boca PR

And speaking of the multiple “nos” you received, is it true that Thalía discovered your talent?

-I never started using social media because I thought I would be successful. On the other hand, For me they were a channel of relief because I was very lonely and going through a process of depression and I decided to share my anecdotes, my beliefs and who I am and started reaching out to the public. I’ve made a lot of couple videos, first on Facebook, but then I tried a twist when I said to myself: “What I have is personality, guasacaca and taste. Life tastes like fruit to me and that’s what I’ll give..

Thalía saw what I was doing on social media, she was fascinated and contacted me almost eight years ago. First I worked together for his clothing brand and then he offered me to promote my first phrase which became famous: “Life tastes like fruit”, and that I tattooed it on an arm that we also did a song with. Since then she has been a blessing in my life. Thalía believed in me, she had a vision and I will thank her all my life.

In other interviews you have spoken openly about the depressive episode you went through and the thoughts of taking your own and your son’s life.

I am looking for professional help because if you don’t, you can’t. Also learn to fight without strength because it hurts. There were times when I didn’t want anything at all, not even a shower. You also don’t want anyone to talk to you about love or affection. But with specialized help and even medication, it can be overcome.. And of course hand in hand with God.

Aside from keeping your community active on social media and offering motivational talks, what can the public expect from the new season of your current projects? woman eyes?

-It comes across as very spicy and controversial! This third season is going to be spectacular, premiering on June 22nd, with revelations, honest opinions and female empowerment. I will share them with Érika de la Vega and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, directed by Carla Medina. I’m Chiky BomBom, La Pantera, the voice of the people, and there’s no mistaking it.

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